Regional Economic Development

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Spokane won’t get call center – Royal Caribbean picks Oregon town for 1,000-job facility

"This points out that the State of Washington is going to have to make some changes in order to be more competitive" in winning future deals, Hadley said.

Spokane lands ‘porch-swing’ honor – Forbes Magazine cites towns that evoke Norman Rockwell feeling

In case some people didn’t know Spokane is a great place to raise a family, Forbes Magazine and its publisher have cemented that reputation with a new ranking. Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard, in a new…

Breaking: Nebraska governor seeks 10-state alliance for bioterrorism

The other states in the envisioned alliance would be North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Montana.

Major Research Papers on Entrepreneurial Economic Development

Best Performing Cities: Where America’s Jobs Are by the Milken Institute Reversing Rural America’s Economic Decline: The Case for a National Balanced Growth Strategy by the Progressive Policy Institute The Role of Second-Stage…

SBA report urges new policies that aid entrepreneurs

Key problems facing small business, and in need of public policy review, include rising health insurance premiums and health plan administrative costs, which are significantly higher for small firms than large ones. Other issues included the costs of complying with federal regulations, litigation and global competition. The report is available at

Highway 12 invests in Colorado firm – Pete Gombert joins Highway 12

Highway 12 was the lead investor in a $3 million round of funding for @Last Software, a company that makes a drawing program that lets you sketch in 3-D.

Western Magic Valley, Idaho adds thousands of jobs

The western Magic Valley continues to be a leader in the state and, in many cases, the nation for job creation and economic vitality,"

Intermountain Venture Forum Issues Call for Presenters 2004 Forum scheduled October 6-7 at the Boise Centre on the Grove

The mission of the forum is to initiate relationships with and to create opportunities for start-up companies in the Intermountain West and Pacific Northwest.

Economic report: Idaho expects 45,000 new jobs by 2007

The economists’ report says that not only is the state’s job outlook better than it was in April, they expect 3,000 to 4,000 more jobs each year than previously thought.

Ones and Zeros -High Tech in Nevada Gets Mixed Reviews

“We learned that while Nevada prides itself on being business-friendly, really the entrepreneurs here are fending for themselves,” said Estee. “In other states, you walk into one office, and you walk out with your permit, a business loan and three options for office space. Here, it’s not so easy. Entrepreneurs are very efficient people. They don’t want to be told to walk three blocks and wait in line.”