Regional Economic Development

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A new kind of neighborhood: Weyerhaeuser blends homes and harvest

Weyerhaeuser is dividing a 4,400-acre section of its 103-year-old Vail Tree Farm into 20-acre plots and selling them to individuals — with the option that the buyers could continue to harvest trees. Each parcel comes with plans for where to build a house and drill a well, plus plans for how to manage the trees so they can be most profitably harvested over many years."If we’ve done our job right," Constable said, "there will be a community of like-minded people with the best interests of this land in mind."

Sysco Corp. will set up new $25 million center which will likely employ between 150 and 200 people in Post Falls, ID

The Post Falls plant could be operational in spring 2005.

Idaho leaders gauge success of rural initiative – Speakers say at plan’s halfway mark, state showing incremental progress

Karl Tueller, deputy director of the Idaho Department of Commerce said that leadership from local communities remains one of the biggest challenges to economic development in rural Idaho. The state can assist, but it takes a sustained effort from local leaders to see a project through, he said.

Hot Towns – If your burg’s on the skids, places like Reno are beckoning

Their only worry about Reno, says Gary: "I’m afraid it will eventually become too popular."

Summit: Key to revitalizing rural areas is education – It all comes down to education.

If Idaho wants to revitalize its rural areas, it has to educate rural leaders on what resources and help are available, some said.

Campaign sells Idaho

An advertising campaign by economic development specialists in the state targeting California, Portland and Seattle will begin in January.

Advocates try to set agenda for Idaho’s rural areas – Summit will try to balance goals, resources -What’s today?

The folks here — state and local officials, government workers from all levels, community leaders — will eventually break into five groups to try to set priorities for the state´s rural cities and counties for the next year or more.

Oregon economic group endorses ‘smart growth’ and a long-term economic development strategy based on "people, place, clusters and leadership

"Our distinctive and highly regarded quality of life has been a critical economic asset, and its importance will become even greater in the years ahead.

Idaho Sets Its Sights on Smaller Manufacturers

Idaho is well suited to support small- to medium-sized manufacturers that are currently located in areas with high operation costs.

The Business of Life- Quite a few communities and states are spending millions of dollars to support their claims that excellent quality of life opportunities are awaiting you and your employees. Find out how to enjoy them.

It’s About the Chance to Play