Regional Economic Development

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Owens taps CU educator to lead Colorado Institute of Technology Institute

"There’s a two-fold mission: One is to develop a workforce for the future and also to make Colorado a center for innovation," she added.

New Economy Recedes in Pacific Northwest

"We have introduced a generation of people to the idea that the global economy is the future," said John Mitchell, a Western economist for US Bancorp in Portland. "For a while it was all up. Now they see what a down cycle is like. The amazing thing is that people are staying put. They like this part of the country and are not going anywhere."

New Cheese Plant Sends South Dakota On Quest for Farmers- To the British, Faraway State Proves Tough Sell; What about the Volcano?

Though he has never been to the U.S., the 43-year-old Mr. Whittaker had heard about a "super volcano" in Yellowstone National Park and wondered how far that is from South Dakota.

Does N. Dakota mean business? Ya betcha

"North Dakota is a hard location to beat. Overall, the Midwest work ethic is strong, but Fargo’s is better than anything I’ve seen."

Post Falls, ID gets boost from Buck Knives

"Since Buck Knives announced plans to relocate to Post Falls, companies have been calling the city with requests for relocation information."

SBA: 50 Years as America’s Small Business Resource- State Updates

Thank you for taking the time to read the March 2003 edition of Newsline Eight. Newsline Eight is the monthly newsletter from the SBA’s Region Eight Office in Denver. Our office covers the states of…

Washington State erred badly by not boosting economy

“It’s important to have at least some tools in your toolbox,” Morris says. Further, he wants the state to take a long view toward economic development, and not just embrace the concept when times turn bad. “You have to stay the course in economic development,” Morris says.

A Silicon Valley feel is growing on the Silicon Prairie. More technology companies call Sioux Falls home

"It takes commitment by local officials, like Sioux Falls has, to create an environment where people want to be," Kim said.

Committee guts $135 Million economic development bill in Wyoming

"Wyoming can beat Colorado, Idaho and Utah at attracting new businesses, but funding is needed to do it, he said, adding the council would be "very scrupulous" with the grants."

Workshop Announcement and Link to Rocky Mountain Trade Corridor Activities

Here are some examples of RMTC’s successes. Many are related to the popular workshops we do at the U.S /Canadian border twice a year. The next workshop is March 19 & 20th. From: Richard Krott…