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North Dakota Enacts First Shareholder Friendly Corporation Law – Carl Icahn company, American Railcar Industries Inc., setting up corporate residence in North Dakota

The new law provides
a governance structure for publicly traded corporations that gives
shareholders greater rights than they currently have under other state

In North Dakota, the Good Times Are Still Rolling

California has the Golden Gate Bridge, New York has the Empire State Building, Illinois has the Magnificent Mile. And North Dakota? It has a hefty budget surplus those states would envy.

Loan funding to help rural North Dakota economic growth

North Dakota’s congressional delegation revealed recently the U.S. Department of Agriculture is releasing $1.34 million to stimulate economic development and create jobs in rural North Dakota.

North Dakota Governor, John Hoeven signs commerce bill into law

Gov. John Hoeven: "The demand for the unmanned aerial systems is incredible throughout the military, worldwide. This is the asset that everybody wants. Not just the air force, but all the services in terms of doing their missions around the world."

Energy Insider: New Minot State University Energy Degree

"We`re very excited about this program. I think North Dakota will always be an agriculture state, but it`s turning into probably one of the leading energy states," says Dr. Frank Moseley, MSU Associate Professor.

Labor Shortage in North Dakota | Video

The whole state is suffering from a labor shortage.

North Dakota Hires British Consultant to Prospect for Wind Business

Deyton Bell Ltd. is based in Cambridge. The company will be approaching European wind energy companies about setting up wind turbine manufacturing operations in North Dakota.

North Dakota State University tech park gets national attention

“It shows you don’t have to be Silicon Valley to be Silicon Valley.”

Can Bismarck, North Dakota continue to grow?

So where does the community go from here?

OUR OPINION: Let North Dakota University System keep power over tuition

The Roundtable’s members “looked into the future and saw a state that, in the absence of overt action, would continue to:

** Lose population, especially young people and adults in the prime working years of their lives.

** Fall farther and farther behind the rest of the country in per capita income, threatening the ability of its citizens to maintain their quality of life.

** Be unable as a state to compete in the new information-based economy.”

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