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A Great Divide Over Oil Riches in North Dakota

No other county in the state has had a bigger jump in the number of households earning more than $100,000, which spiked to 21 percent from 6 percent during the last decade, according to an analysis of census data. But much like the crude below, the benefits have spread unevenly, often as a result of decisions made long ago.

The Bank of North Dakota eyed by cash-hungry politicians

How does the country’s only state-owned bank work?

North Dakota SBA Business News

While a home-based business can eliminate many distatesful aspects of working for someone else, it does come with unique perils and problem areas.

Forget Florida My Dear, This Year We Shall Winter in The Bakkens

I smell opportunity, don’t you?

Oil Boom Puts Strain On North Dakota Towns

Imagine you live in a small rural town worried for years about depopulation, and suddenly, overnight, the population doubles, and the newcomers are thousands of young men without families. Imagine that you live in a tiny town with one main street that doubles as a state highway.

Website helps calculate tuition for North Dakota universities

The online tool was created because of a law approved last session by the North Dakota Legislature to improve the clarity of the cost of higher education.

North Dakota Leaders Head to Vietnam, Indonesia on Trade Mission

Goehring says business practices in the United States are much different than in other countries and the key in Vietnam and Indonesia is face time.

Filmmaker introducing the world to the ‘real North Dakota’

When ever I would say I’m from North Dakota I’d get these blank stares and everyone pictures the movie Fargo or thinks we all live on a farm so I wanted to do a documentary that represents present day North Dakota."

North Dakota SBA District Office Newsletter

Dakota Business – Buying & Financing a Business; Technology Grants

North Dakota only state to report positive economic growth

Bloomberg also reported that North Dakota was the only state in the nation to experience a positive economic index. With the exception of North Dakota, economic conditions in all other states are worse than they were at the end of 2008, according to the study.