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Helena Homework – "I have learned more about Helena than I ever dreamed I would." through Leadership Helena

"Personally as well as professionally, there’s a great network you establish with the people you go through the program with," he said.

"It’s a chance to develop personal and professional friendships with folks and to give something back to the community," he said.

Update from the MSU Leadership Institute- Lots going on!!

* The semester’s first film of the Leadership Film Series, Thunder In Guyana, had an unexpected but pleasant attendance surprise: a large percentage of community members. We have decided to step up our advertising on…

Leadership Montana To Build A Powerful Network of Leaders… Now Accepting Applications for Class of 2004-2005

Leadership Montana is about creating what we want to BE, not just what we want to do. Those who have a passion for this state and their community, and are willing to accept responsibility for leadership, should consider this new and unique opportunity.

An example of dynamic leadership & Effective leaders understand need for strategy development

The most astute leaders know that no single individual is up to this challenge. It requires a team of energetic, capable people to help create and manage the initiatives that drive change across the organization.

Montana effort: Leadership training needed

Is Montana suffering from a lack of leadership? Or are our leaders merely under-utilized and misunderstood?

The Best Leaders Have Employees Who Would Follow Them Anywhere

I have read countless tomes about what makes an effective leader. Words like motivational, challenging and inspirational are thrown around a lot. So are theories ranging from the need for emotional intelligence to principles of…

Leadership Wyoming Graduates and Class Member Comments at Regional Recruitment Meetings

“Disappointed I didn’t apply the first year…Every class believes it’s the best because of our investment in going forward in Wyoming.” Susan Bigelow, Campbell County Economic Development Association, ‘03

The latest news from Leadership Montana… January, 2004 – Applications for the Class of 2004-2005 Available February 15 !

“It takes more than words to create this force, it takes leadership. There should be no more complaining about the status quo, only efforts to change it.”

Rep. Jesse Laslovich, state representative from Anaconda, on what it takes to become actively involved in creating change.

Becoming the Best: What You Can Learn from the 25 Most Influential Leaders of Our Times

If there is one trait that each of these leaders shares, it is tenacity.

Mock trial is part of teens’ leadership training

Today the program took two dozen students out of the classroom and into local government.