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Paradigms of Leadership in the Teleworking Environment: A Qualitative Study

This paper explores those personal dimensions of leaders and followers and the teleworking environment already identified by research, and develops a tentative model for leader effectiveness in the virtual environment.

No leaders needed – Author promotes peer-based management structure

"We don’t need character makeovers in our organizations," Nielsen says. "The problem is the rank-based [nature of leadership]."

Great Falls Leadership class refurbishes welcome sign… literally

"I’ve lived here my whole life, but I learned so much more about this community through this program," said class member Tavi Townsend, the compliance officer at General Distributing. "Great Falls has a great deal to offer: our museums, the parks, our outdoor recreation.

The Zen of Management Maintenance: Leadership Starts with Self-Discovery – "If you don’t know how to lead yourself, someone else will."

"Unless one knows how to lead oneself, it would be presumptuous to lead others," Parikh said.

Mountaintop view – First blind person to summit Everest shares his perspective on success at any level and in any venture: Teamwork is the key

"There is something beyond independence – that’s interdependence. I knew what would get me to the summit was the help of the people that I surrounded myself with," he said.

Five Marks of a Great Leader

What makes a real leader? How can we recognize one?

MSU Leadership Institute: Defining Responsibility

How much of what you do in any given day makes you feel good about yourself?

Jack Welch shows the ‘Winning’ side of business for all

In fact, Winning is loaded with exclamation points and "Great!" But underneath the pep is a serious message for his target audience. The book covers his philosophy, managing and leading a company, the competition and careers.

Commitment to training leaders yields big rewards for this top 10

"These companies have made a deep commitment to leadership development because it directly leads to the successful execution of business strategy and exceptional business results."

Leadership as Layup? Lessons from Basketball

"It’s become increasingly clear that leadership affects institutions, and that people can be led to a more successful performance," says Douglas T. Breeden, dean of the Fuqua School.