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The Great Falls Development Authority launches Volunteer Entrepreneur Mentor Network

“We want to have a diversity of mentors, both geographically as well as in ages and male-female. Different races, certainly Native American mentors, who can better connect with many entrepreneurs in the region so that we can spark business ventures,” said Brett Doney, the CEO of the Great Falls Development Authority.

Looking for a new place to live? What does a community need to tell you about to help you make a decision?

We’d like to know anything you feel is important so we can help develop something that we think will help you make a decision.

Small-Town Natives Are Moving Back Home – What do you need to know about a community?

For many young people, returning to struggling communities means exchanging prosperity for a more rooted life.

CBS Sunday Morning – “Crip Camp” and the disability rights movement – Disability Rights Montana

The new Netflix documentary, “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution,” tells the story of teenagers with disabilities who attended an upstate New York summer camp in 1971 would go on to become powerful leaders in the disability rights movement.

How Google’s New Career Certificates Could Disrupt the College Degree

Get a first look at Google’s new certificate programs and a new feature of Google Search designed to help job seekers everywhere.

How the digital divide leaves students behind, and what we should do to fix it

We should use those realities as a “north star” to build a new, inclusive education system. She said this means transforming public education into “a racially and socially just and equitable system that prepares every student — every one —to succeed in a diverse and independent world.”

Zillow to hire 2,000 employees — but they won’t all be in Seattle as distributed model takes root

Even as Zillow accelerates hiring, many of the new workers won’t be based at the company’s headquarters — and that could be yet another blow for a battered downtown Seattle.

Flathead Valley Community College Schedules Virtual Workforce Opportunity Fairs for multiple dates in April

Event sponsorship opportunities at various levels are available to employers.

We decided to give our team every other Friday off. Here’s what happened

Looking to help its pandemic-stressed employees strike a better work-life balance, this tech startup went to an alternating four-day workweek.

Q&A: How to Attract Young People to a Rural Region

Concern about attracting young people will sound familiar to most rural residents, but especially to “public-lands communities.” These are populated areas – towns and small cities – that lie near large swaths of publicly owned land like national parks, Bureau of Land Management holdings, and national and state forests.