Global Telework

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Making Remote Work Newsletter Vol. 4 Issue 4

In Utah, over half of households have seen at least one person shift toward remote work
(the largest increase among Mountain States)

What if Colleges Designed Gap Years? This Year, Especially, They Should

The program is aimed at students “who see the world coming apart and want to fix it,” Falik told me. “It’s a response to the moment.”

Building a coast-to-coast Silicon Valley

What if Silicon Valley companies encouraged them to live and work from the myriad of affordable, livable cities desperate to attract and retain tech talent?

How to Ace an Online Job Interview

You can still make an impression even if your F2F isn’t IRL.

Get tough on telecommuting: 6 questions to ask before you say yes

Proceed cautiously — telework can change office dynamics in ways you hadn’t anticipated

Report: Telecommuting Presents Privacy and Security Risks to Organizations That Don’t Implement Complete Planning

Personal and private information related to both employees and their employers may be compromised by telecommuting staff if privacy risks are not dealt with effectively, according to a new report developed by Ernst &Young LLP and the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT).

"Within five years, technology will obliterate the need for business travel." – Inspired by new videoconferencing technologies and rising fuel costs

AT&T has reportedly reduced employee air miles by 15% through video conferencing and Web meetings, while Accenture plans to have 22 video conferencing rooms installed around the world by the end of this year.

Virginia Governor Announces Telework Policy

"Rising fuel prices, the escalating cost of commuting to work, worsening traffic congestion and reduced air quality compel a change in the business culture of state agencies." Governor Timothy M. Kaine

Managing a Global Workforce. How Google Works

"We took the data center, we shrunk it, put it in a brightly colored box and rolled one into every office," Merrill explains. "Then we built a whole bunch of tools that work in the background to verify that the LDAP change made in one place is replicated to all the other offices-in-a-box around the world."

Insurance, Business Leaders Hold Forum on Keeping Workers in Iowa

"Higher education is a magnet that brings young people to Iowa,” he said. "If we give them a good education, show them a good enough time while they’re here, we’ll get our fair share of those who want to do their careers here.”