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8 hilarious but true wildlife tips from the National Park Service

Did you know if you hold an ermine up to your ear, you can hear what it’s like to be attacked by an ermine?

Where are all those tech workers going? A Silicon Valley exodus is shaking up the landscape.

“You don’t have to be in the Bay Area to have success in tech.”

In Rural America, ‘Those Who Can Supply the Talent Will Be the Winners’

To succeed in today’s economy, small towns need to up their game in recruiting and retaining workers. Luckily, they have a lot to build on.

‘There and Back Again,’ or Why Do We Keep Returning Home

A panel of six women talks about small communities they came from, what drew them back, and the wealth of opportunities they found there.

The U.S. States People Are Fleeing (And The Ones They Are Moving To)

Some very interesting results.  Several of those you’d expect on this list aren’t there….

111 Resources, idea starters and opportunities for people who can “work from anywhere”

Estonia created the world’s first digital nomad visa in July 2020, allowing qualified people to live in Estonia for one year while working remotely from their home country. Since then Europe has roundly adopted the concept with Armenia, Cypress, Croatia, Cypress, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Turkey all creating or announcing remote work visas.

TED Talk – How to keep your hometown from becoming a ghost town

From the closure of the iconic Route 66 to the roller-coaster history of Buffalo, New York, Paget reveals the power of sharing your town’s “civic story” to spark local revitalization

As towns across the Great Plains shrink, how can they preserve rural lifestyles?

As America’s rural areas see populations decline, they’re looking for ways to keep their lifestyle alive for the next generation.

Experts: National Physician Shortage Will Hit Rural Areas Harder – What’s a WWAMI?

A study showed that while the entire country is seeing dwindling numbers of physicians, rural areas remain drastically behind their urban counterparts. Paired with worse health outcomes, rural America risks a deepening healthcare crisis.

Idaho Has Now Become One of The Worst States to Raise A Family – Kuna Rodeo cancelled due to death threats

“Families need to balance the cost of living with the amenities that a community provides. Places with low housing costs can be good for families. However, affordable real estate may reflect the fact that a community is far from employment and educational opportunities.”