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The Morality of Having Kids in a Burning, Drowning World

“It seems increasingly clear,” Crist continues, “that we are living in a time of radical destabilisation of life on Earth which complicates the act of bearing children in ways that society has yet to grapple with.”

Appreciating the Spaces That Connect Us

Often overlooked, liminal spaces like front porches and sidewalks can boost social connections.

Feeling sad, lonely? Making friends as an adult is hard. Your front porch can help.

Soon after my husband and I moved from Washington, D.C., to Indianapolis, a stranger offered an unexpected invitation. ‘I’m Joanna,’ she said. ‘Would you like to porch with us sometime?’

This small county in Washington state just announced a 32-hour work week. Here’s what will happen

One of Washington state’s island counties is adopting a 32-hour work week beginning this October. It’s one of the first counties in the nation to do so, part of an emerging trend that includes private companies in multiple states.

These nine entry-level Puget Sound region jobs offer a four-day workweek with good pay

The four-day workweek is being utilized by several sectors. But many jobs in Washington offering a three-day weekend are transportation-related — specifically driving and delivery.

Study: Most US Cyclists Say They’d Move To Cities That Offered to Buy Them E-Bikes

Could the humble e-bike credit become a powerful economic development tool?

US Competitive Advantage in the Era of the Demographic Time Bomb: Immigration

As the world ages, I think America’s competitive economic weapon will be our history of successful immigration

Giving red America a reason to love electric vehicles

The plan to combat global warming is also a bid for industrial revival and a transformed political landscape.

Is passenger rail on track to return to Montana?

One of Montana’s passenger rail systems has been out of commission for decades, but some residents want to restore it across the southern part of the state. A listener wants to know what’s been happening with those efforts? Is more train travel in Montana’s future? Learn more in this episode of the Big Why.

Housing has become so expensive that college graduates are leaving the coasts and moving inland.

Over the past few years — as remote work became more common — the list of regions losing college-educated workers has grown to include San Francisco and Washington.