Come Home North Dakota

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Job seekers flock to North Dakota ‘man camps’

While the national unemployment rate is 8.3 percent, in North Dakota it is 3.2 percent — and it is 1 percent in Williams County, where Williston has grown from a population of 12,500 before the boom began in 2008 to an estimated 20,000 now.

Direct-Hire Opportunities in Williston, ND

One of the largest oilfield services companies, Weatherford operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 50,000 people worldwide.

Forget Florida My Dear, This Year We Shall Winter in The Bakkens

I smell opportunity, don’t you?

Filmmaker introducing the world to the ‘real North Dakota’

When ever I would say I’m from North Dakota I’d get these blank stares and everyone pictures the movie Fargo or thinks we all live on a farm so I wanted to do a documentary that represents present day North Dakota."

Prospecting for Black Gold in North Dakota – just be sure to bring your sleeping bag…

In North Dakota, unemployment is 3.2 percent. In Tioga, it’s less than 2 percent. Workers in the oil fields make about $100,000 a year, and people come from all over for jobs. "But we’ve got a problem with sleeping arrangements," Grubb said. "They either stay in their campers or in the man camp."

"The man camp?" I asked.

Unemployed? Go to North Dakota

The state’s unemployment rate hovers around 3 percent, and "Help Wanted" signs litter the landscape of cities such as Williston in the same way "For Sale" signs populate the streets of Las Vegas.

Frigid North Dakota Is a Hot Draw For Out-of-State College Students

"The minute I stepped onto campus, I knew that North Dakota State was for me."

Help Wanted: Fargo, North Dakota Strains to Fill Jobs – How is it in your state?

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The Great Great Plains

Nowhere is this potential clearer than in Fargo, which is emerging as a high-tech hub. Doug Burgum, from nearby Arthur, N.D., founded Great Plains Software in the mid-1980s. Burgum says he saw potential in the engineering grads pumped out by North Dakota State University, many of whom worked in Fargo’s large and expanding specialty-farm-equipment industry. “My business strategy is to be close to the source of supply,” says Burgum. “North Dakota gave us access to the raw material of college students.”

Declining Rural Towns Offer Free Land – Florida Family Gives Up On Small-Town North Dakota

A tiny North Dakota town’s promise of cash and free land lured only one family from out of state. Now, Michael and Jeanette Tristani and their 12-year-old twins are trying to move from the town without a traffic light back to Miami.