Rural Communities Across the U.S. Are Attracting Remote Workers Through Different Incentive Programs – Learn More About Montana’s Great Rural Communities


“We were looking for a smaller community with lots of outdoor activities and a small university, and, primarily, really great Internet service,”

As the pandemic continues to affect how Americans live and work, some are looking outside urban centers for opportunities.

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Learn More About Montana’s Great Rural Communities

One of the ways to attract talent to our rural Montana communities is to provide information like Internet access, career opportunities, recreation opportunities, community events, housing opportunities, childcare, and a person to talk with and ask questions etc. on the Montana Community Map.   Is your community supported by a “Keeper”.   If your community isn’t on this map, there is no Keeper yet.  Once we have more communities supported, we’ll publicize the map more.

 Sore Chargois Ebbasi is doing a great job promoting  Great Falls.


Career Opportunities in Montana – Come Home Montana

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