Come Home North Dakota

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The Great Great Plains

Nowhere is this potential clearer than in Fargo, which is emerging as a high-tech hub. Doug Burgum, from nearby Arthur, N.D., founded Great Plains Software in the mid-1980s. Burgum says he saw potential in the engineering grads pumped out by North Dakota State University, many of whom worked in Fargo’s large and expanding specialty-farm-equipment industry. “My business strategy is to be close to the source of supply,” says Burgum. “North Dakota gave us access to the raw material of college students.”

Declining Rural Towns Offer Free Land – Florida Family Gives Up On Small-Town North Dakota

A tiny North Dakota town’s promise of cash and free land lured only one family from out of state. Now, Michael and Jeanette Tristani and their 12-year-old twins are trying to move from the town without a traffic light back to Miami.

Ex-Microsoft executive, Doug Burgum, gets North Dakots’s highest honor

Burgum also created the Arthur Ventures Growth Fund, a regional venture capital fund that invests in businesses, and the Doug Burgum Family Fund, a charity focused on youth and education.

A not-so-friendly small town – Long ‘in turmoil,’ folks in Zeeland, North Dakota have even stopped waving hello

"People there just don’t get along."

Williston, North Dakota area looking for doctors – Mercy Hospital

The clinic, as well as the hospital itself, is looking for health care professionals in family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedic surgeons and urologists.

Need a job? ‘Ya oughta go ta North Dakota’

As the rest of the nation sinks into a 12th grim month of recession, North Dakota, at least up until now, has been quietly reveling in a picture so different that it might well be on another planet.

A Placid North Dakota Asks, What Recession?

While dozens of states, including neighboring ones, have desperately begun raising fees, firing workers, shuttering tourist attractions and even abolishing holiday displays to overcome gaping deficits, lawmakers this week in Bismarck, the capital, were contemplating what to do with a $1.2 billion budget surplus.

Entrepreneurial North Dakota!

Another renewed contact at the Governor’s Conference was with Esther and Shawn Oehlke of SEO Precision. When I first met them in rural Crosby, ND they had recently moved from Albuquerque, NM with their two sons. At the time they had laser technology which could lock onto a nickel from 20 miles away. "We now can keep it locked onto that same nickel from 100 miles."

Center for Innovation at the University of North Dakota – a shining example of what can be done to develop an entrepreneurial state thanks to 24 for years of great leadership from Bruce Gjovig

Twenty-four years later, one of the first entrepreneur outreach centers in the country has earned national attention, helped more than 400 start-up companies, manages two technology incubators, has formed three angel investing networks in the state and is home to the Dakota Venture Group the only student-managed venture fund in the country where students make investment decisions.

"the emptied prairie" from National Geograpic – North Dakota ghost towns speak of an irreversible decline.

Ghost towns stud North Dakota, and this empty house is just one bone in a giant skeleton of abandoned human desire.