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Research Results: ‘Who Comes Home?’

Rural communities hear a lot about the “brain drain.” But a new study examines commonalities of communities that attract their young people home after college.

The Most Overvalued U.S. Housing Market – Boise, Idaho

A new study examines how far out of control some housing markets have gotten as a result of pandemic trends in real estate.

Welcome to WeCAN! USDA-funded collaboration among Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming to improve our communities

Community Reviews are comprehensive assessment programs that provide information and tools to help communities address priority issues and enhance quality of life for their residents. 

Idaho Cybersecurity Task Force Meeting Spotlights Workforce

Attendees at the inaugural meeting discussed the struggles they face in hiring, training and keeping cybersecurity talent, as well as the need to give private firms more useful threat intelligence.

Idaho ranks 2nd in U.S. population growth behind Utah

According to the Idaho Department of Labor, Idaho’s population grew from 2010 to 2020 by 17.3 percent. The Gem State was a close second behind Utah’s 18.4 percent.

Idaho’s $4.25 million grant to create 750 apprentices is one of 15 states to win funding.

Idaho is one of 15 states to receive a U.S Department of Labor grant to expand its Apprenticeship Idaho program.

Small Boise-area town OKs emergency moratorium to halt growth. This is why

Worried that growth could overrun the town, the Melba City Council has voted unanimously to impose an emergency moratorium on new subdivisions for up to six months. The City of Caldwell passed a similar moratorium in May .

The boomerang-worker boom

“Boomerang workers” — those who’ve returned to their hometowns to do remote work — rose with the pandemic, but the phenomenon shows signs of sticking around beyond it.

The 20 Worst Places to Live in Idaho

Although it’s the home of several tourist destinations, there are cities in Idaho that aren’t so great for the people who call them home.

Ketchum, Idaho considering tent city for workers amid ‘crushing inequality,’ scarce affordable housing

These are the people who work at your school. These are the people that work at your local business. These are the people who serve you.”

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