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High School students’ bison study is a lesson in much more

Bison burgers were the entree Thursday night at North Central High School. But the side dishes were all over the menu: history, geography, archaeology, sociology, climatology, genomics …

Tech Companies Host Internships for Middle Schoolers

George Haines is an educator who believes that school shouldn’t be just about preparing students for real life–it should be real life.

Educator Al Yee’s new book explains importance of early childhood teaching, development

The early years of life plant the seeds of a monster or a Mae West.

Being bilingual gives brains a boost

Speaking more than one language works like a mental gymnasium by strengthening the ability to distinguish between irrelevant and important information.

Maine laptop program offers lessons in ed-tech implementation

"The leaders in your system, from the highest levels of government and departments of education all the way down into schools, are the drivers of change. If a principal doesn’t see the necessity for the change or doesn’t provide the pressure for the change, the change won’t occur. Just because you’ve introduced the technology doesn’t mean anyone will do anything significant with it, if the leaders aren’t applying the pressure to do that," he said.

Businesspeople help students polish job skills

If teens want jobs, they have to be prepared to fight for them.

Missoula County Public Schools hears feedback on education changes

The findings are collected in a 95-page report, "Review of Current Practices, Perceptions, and Perspectives," available at http://www.mcps.k12.mt.us.

A University of Virginia student has a bright idea: ‘Flash seminars’

Once or twice a week, students at the state’s flagship public university collect in some idle classroom or lounge for a "flash seminar," an ad hoc performance of pedagogy.

Tom Luna’s education reform plan for Idaho was a long time in the making

How Tom Luna’s co-workers from the Bush administration — and the private education companies they now help run — positioned Idaho’s schools chief to make changes that the for-profit education industry may cash in on.

For Autistic Children, a School’s Coffee Shop Imparts Skills While Raising Money

"The overall goal here is to make these kids functional members of society," he said. "It’s a different avenue than the standard educational curriculum. It’s outside the box, which you have to be with this kind of program."