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Ten great sites with free teacher resources

eSchool News has compiled this list of some of the best free teacher websites on the web; what are your favorites?

WA business leaders call for early learning investment to narrow job skills gap

The solution is to invest more in the early years, when children develop the foundation for these soft skills that are increasingly in demand, and will be even more highly valued in the future.

Skipping Rote Memorization in Indian Schools

Nagla and 1,500 other schools in this Indian state, Uttarakhand, are part of a five-year-old project to improve Indian primary education

Role for Teachers Is Seen in Solving Schools’ Crises

Republicans in several states have proposed legislation in recent weeks that would bar teachers’ unions from all policy discussions, except when the time comes to negotiate compensation. In Tennessee and Wisconsin, Republicans have proposed stripping teachers’ unions of collective bargaining rights altogether.

College and Business Will Never Be the Same: Philadelphia University Integrates Design, Engineering and Commerce

One of the problems in business today is that college graduates trained in a single professional discipline (i.e. design, engineering or business) end up graduating as domain experts but with little experience working across multiple disciplines.

Missoula County Public Schools Forward Thinking, High Achieving: 21st Century Initiative Phase 1: Review of Current Practices, Perceptions, and Perspectives

The outcome of this two-part process will be a 21st century teaching and learning Master Plan that will
guide MCPS as it further provides an exceptional education to all MCPS students.

Montana high school students interested in medical careers urged to apply for free MedStart camp

The camp is free for accepted students, and housing, food and other associated costs are provided.

MedStart camps are sponsored by Montana’s Area Health Education Centers, which work to improve access to health care in rural and disadvantaged communities by encouraging students to consider and prepare for careers in health.

Bozeman High School puts greater focus on careers

"We need to prepare our students for their future, not for our past," Miller said. The district’s goal is to make sure every student is exposed to career possibilities before leaving high school.

Missoula’s Paxson Elementary offers after-school science, forensics discoveries

The after-school program gives kids a fun slate of studies, Monday through Thursday, in computers, science, writing, Chinese and even clog-dancing.

Cutting class: Plasma metal-cutting machine offers Florence students new opportunities thanks to the Valentine Foundation School Technology Program

"The whole purpose of this machine is to open different doors for the career possibilities for them that are out there," Jones said. "That’s really our job – to get our students prepared for careers. It’s kind of a canned answer, but it’s true."