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‘Something needs to be done’: Gallatin County studies problems with child care access

“Everywhere is full and what is available is either wildly expensive or not somewhere you’d want to leave your children,” Owers said. “We just assumed we’d be able t

Why grazing bison could be good for the planet – BBC News

American bison were hunted almost to extinction by European settlers. Now making a comeback, they could help reverse damage to prairies from decades of poor management.

The New Jersey Mayor With a Plan to End Traffic Deaths

In Hoboken, Mayor Ravi Bhalla has worked to redesign city intersections, install bike lanes and slow traffic. The result? Six-plus years of no pedestrian fatalities.

Montana Supreme Court sides with state, not counties on school mills

The governor issued a statement in appreciation for the court bringing clarity to the issue, however counties are upset the court’s verdict would result in higher taxes.

License fees for Montana teachers slated to triple

The decision by the Board of Public Education to triple license fees for Montana teachers has a complex and political backstory, one involving new state software, a new state

Philanthropists Invest in Rural Workforce Training Programs

A partnership with Oregon STEM and its Spark Oregon earn-and-learn initiative helped pay for KEITH Manufacturing to employ four local high school interns for the summer.

Wild hogs in Canada threaten to invade Montana, Minnesota and North Dakota

These wild pigs are spreading out of control in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, posing a new threat to native species.

Should Montana Adopt This Popular Transportation Law From a Neighboring State?

Earlier this year, I witnessed an accident that made me even more concerned for the bicyclists of Missoula than I already was.

Software to tackle the US housing crisis

A platform is helping developers pinpoint areas with the best opportunities to build infill housing developments

These massive wind turbine blades are made out of wood

The blades can be reused or repurposed, and they’re biodegradable.

Remote work beats out salary as the most important thing to employees

Flexjobs, a search site for remote jobs, surveyed over 8,000 workers, with 63% voting remote work as the most important thing in a job, narrowly beating out salary. In fact, t

Will You Keep Driving When Autonomous Vehicles Are Safer Than Humans?

Some WSJ readers will gladly turn over the task of driving. Others say no way.

Letter to the editor: Rude and inconsiderate attendees at City Club Missoula

Please refrain in the future, ask your question in the most direct way, and allow others the same opportunity as I am reasonably sure they believe their question is equal to y

Release of College of Veterinary Medicine Feasibility Study in Great Falls – 12/5 – Great Falls

At the event you will hear from our consultants, Tripp Umbach, meet leadership from Roseman University and other partners interested in the future of Veterinary Medical Educat

The exciting, perilous journey toward AGI

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) could surpass human intelligence and profoundly transform every aspect of life.

The Power of Intentional Networking

Are you making the most of your network? In this Nano Tool for Leaders, Wharton's Marissa King gives tips on how to leverage your contacts.

Bozeman, Montana Based MagDrive Technologies to Present Plan for Reducing Refinery Emissions by 62% during COP28 Climate Summit

MagDrive Technologies is the creator and leader of the magnetically actuated valve category. Based in Bozeman, Montana, MagDrive’s team is bringing true zero emission compon

Missoula Community Visioning Workshops – 12/4, 12/6, 12/13 – Various locations in Missoula

These interactive events will feature brief presentations from City staff, facilitated small group discussions, and individual activities to capture input from the community.

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