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Missoula, Montana man turns love for river surfing into business, one board at a time

If you have ever walked through Cara’s Park and seen the Missoula summer staple — Brennan’s Wave — you have probably wondered “what, how, where do they get those boards?” Of course with the question of “how do they get up?”

Sunday storm floods Last Chance Gulch and causes damage in Helena

Pictures and video provided by Helena resident Andy Shirtliff showed water rushing down Last Chance Gulch up to the top of wheel wells on cars as people held doors shut tight on businesses to limit water coming into establishments.

3-D Printing Grows Beyond Its Novelty Roots

With the technology improving and costs falling, 3-D printing could be poised to play a major role in manufacturing.

How 3D printing is changing education

. When schools use technology to improve the quality and quantity of educational content, learners will thrive.

Big Events in Small Places Seek a Balanced Relationship with Their Hosts

Some festival organizers who see rural and remote locations as uniquely attractive to their audiences want to make sure the communities that host them can benefit from the crowds.

Whitefish, Montana is United Around the Transcontinental Bicycle Tour Divide

Every summer, members of Whitefish’s cycling community rally around long distance cyclists covering a transcontinental route from Canada to Mexico

Five broadband trends shaping the future

We’ve come a long way, but where broadband is headed will change everything.

‘Surreal’: Cruise’s driverless cars block traffic for nearly two hours in San Francisco

“The first thing I say to my coworker is that they’re getting together to murder us.

Missoula’s Turner Farms summer camp teaches kids value of agriculture

The big theme behind camp is taking stuff from the garden and the field and turning it into food- teaching them the inner workings of agriculture.

“Teaching kids lessons you really can’t learn in school or anywhere else,” said Turner. “And so it’s really rewarding for us to show that to kids in the community.”

FCC authorizes SpaceX to bring Starlink internet to airplanes, ships, and more

From now on, people will always be reachable.

Baldness discovery paints molecule as potent stimulator of new hair growth

Scientists probing the intricate machinery behind hair growth have made a key discovery around the behavior of key cells in follicles. The study uncovers a previously unknown role for a signaling molecule, whose messages were found to be critical to new growth and could be leveraged to address hair loss in humans.

Bacteria-made biofuel packs higher energy density than jet fuel

This increased energy density could help vehicles go farther on a single tank, or reduce the amount of fuel needed for rocket launches, saving more space and weight for cargo. At the same time, producing the fuels from bacteria cuts right down on their environmental impact.

“The State with the Best Internet Wins!” – U.S. states with the fastest internet

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into focus an indisputable fact: access to quality internet service is key to full participation in society and the economy. But inequitable access to high-speed internet has been an issue for much longer than the last two years. Policymakers and business leaders—especially those from low-income and rural communities—have long advocated for increased investment in broadband infrastructure to unlock greater economic opportunities in underprivileged areas.

Seattle’s Alliance of Angels aims to get deals done faster with new fund

The new fund is sector agnostic, with about 70% of investments expected to go toward Pacific Northwest companies.

Department of Commerce Welcomes Relocating, Expanding Businesses to Montana

“As the leading economic development entity in our state, the Montana Department of Commerce is focused on building strong partnerships with companies considering expansion and location in Montana,” said Commerce Director Scott Osterman.

SBA Stands Ready to Assist Montana Businesses and Residents Affected by the Severe Storm and Flooding

Low-interest federal disaster loans are now available to Montana businesses and residents as a result of President Biden’s major disaster declaration, U.S. Small Business Administration’s Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman announced.

When I knew I had made it home

his is a story I’ve told many times before, or maybe I only think I have, because it’s so deeply written inside my blood and bones and skin. It is a kind of love story, because it is a story about looking and longing for home, and I believe all stories about seeking a home are, or ought to be, love stories.

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) Annual Summit – July 24-28 – Calgary, Alberta

PNWER is recognized as the model for regional and bi-national cooperation, providing a platform for collaboration among public, private, academic, and non-profit stakeholders to work together as a region in pursuit of common goals. ​ 

Great Falls, Montana now a major center of biodiesel development

Montana farmers are well acquainted with oilseed production. Crops like canola, flaxseed and safflower are widely grown across the state, harvested and processed to produce cooking oils for human consumption. However, a different oilseed crop, camelina, is making new inroads into Montana agriculture – not as a food crop, but as a source of renewable diesel fuel.

Why Thousands of Teachers Are Leaving the Classroom

Twice as many teachers are thinking about quitting than at the start of the pandemic. States are raising pay, but there’s a promising model in Arizona that might make more stick around.

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