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Montana’s Small-Town Tranquility

If you crave peace and quiet, where you can hear the birds as easily as the occasional car, then a small town in Montana should be your destination.

Junior tech workers can’t find jobs. Here’s why one coding boot camp hit the brakes

Launch Academy cofounder and CEO Dan Pickett talks about his decision to pause the coding boot camp, and what it means for the tech industry.

Why in-person friendships are better for health than virtual pals

Simply having good friends isn’t enough. Research suggests that to truly thrive, we need to physically meet with our friends on a regular basis.

Missoula County nearing final approval for Green Power Program

Advocates of the Green Power Program said “green tariffs” are an increasingly common tool that customers of regulated utilities are using to purchase power from clean energy sources. But in Montana, no such program exists.

Melinda French Gates to give $1 billion to women’s rights groups

Decades of research on economics, well-being and governance make it clear that investing in women and girls benefits everyone,” French Gates said.

End Parking Mandates and Subsidies “City Engineers Are Unbelievably out of Touch on Parking Reform”

City engineers rely on faulty logic and misrepresentations to maintain the status quo. This was made blatantly clear in a recent letter from the City Engineers Association of Minnesota (CEAM) — and it’s why a growing number of engineers are breaking from the party line to support reform. Here are CEAM’s top four arguments against parking reform and why they’re wrong.

Navigating the AI Revolution: The Global Battle for Tech Supremacy

“‘We don’t see AI replacing humans but humans who use AI potentially replacing people who don’t,’ said Lisa Heneghan, KPMG’s Global Chief Digital Officer.”

5 ChatGPT Prompts For A Winner’s Mindset (Make Success Inevitable)

Adopt a winning mindset and business is your playground. ChatGPT can help. Get a sense of unwavering confidence that gives you a new aura, and handle rejection better than ever before.

New solar will help keep power on during scorching summer, report says

Solar power for the first time accounted for more than half of new electric generation capacity added in 2023, the group noted. The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects “a record addition” of new utility-scale solar power this year, with about 36.4 gigawatts projected to be installed.

California bill targeting ‘housing-shortage profiteers’ by limiting ownership passes Assembly

California has some of the fastest-rising housing costs in the country. In April, the median home-sale price surpassed $900,000 for the first time in history.

GFDA Top Ten for 5-27-24

Congratulations to Great Falls Public Schools students and NeighborWorks Great Falls on the ribbon cutting of the 46th High School House!

BIG SKY PASSENGER RAIL AUTHORITY 2024 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Revitalizing Communities & Building Sustainable Economies – 6/6-7 – Missoula and Online

Conference meetings will be at the Missoula Public Library. Attendance is free, but meals must be purchased. Live-streaming services will be provided.

Seasoned Missoula Executive Available to Help Empower People and Improve the World

My top 3 passions:

Deeply knowing and appreciating people (networking at its finest)
People knowing and appreciating themselves (empowering others, especially those who’ve been trampled on by life)
Teaching people to move in empowering ways

Hellgate High School student Faith You wins scholarship at national STEM competition

You was one of eight first-place winners who won $12,000 scholarships with 240 students competing from across the country.

NY Times – Big Sky, Big Growth: How Montana’s Newcomers Are Shaping Its Senate Duel

Out-of-state transplants, drawn during the pandemic by the Mountain West’s allure, have caused prices to soar and created new uncertainty in the state’s crucial Senate race.

USDA invests in Montana clean energy projects for businesses, agriculture producers

USDA Rural Development Montana State Director Kathleen Williams today announced the agency is investing in six clean energy projects to support rural Montana businesses and agricultural producers. These projects are funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, the nation’s largest-ever investment in combating the climate crisis.

How Modern America Is Optimized for Loneliness, Misery and Poor Health – Carcatecture is Killing Us.

Daily, the average American spends an hour driving according to AAA, 25 minutes socializing and communicating, 2.5 hours watching TV, and 16 minutes exercising, according to the BLS.

Viewpoint: EV mandate won’t work for Montana’s rural, farming communities

If farmers are forced to utilize a battery electric vehicle, shipment of crops, and ultimately supply chains could face serious disruptions and price increases. It is several miles from my farm home to the nearest paved road. With the inefficiency of battery power in cold weather an electric vehicle would be nearly worthless for me to own. Our elected officials must recognize this reality.

US Cities Leading The Way To Electric Cars & Trucks

Cities can punch above their weight by helping to demonstrate that electric cars are viable both for businesses and private owners, said Ian Seamans, who works with city governments at Environment Texas. A large part of the effect is modeling this behavior for the public,” he said. City policies are particularly important in Republican-led states such as Texas, where there are few state incentives for clean vehicles.

Lab to Startup – Lessons from Evolution of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at UC Berkeley

I hope you get some insights from this story, and walk away with appreciation and potentially actionable steps if you are trying to build startup ecosystems on your campuses.

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