Utah Business and Economic Development

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Utah becomes hot market for top-end resorts

he luxury accommodations are putting Park City ahead of Aspen and Sun Valley in resort real estate sales and will increase one southern Utah county’s assessed property values by 20 percent.

Centers of Excellence Tech Transfer Program called a bargain for Utahns

"This is a program with a history of producing companies and having an important impact on the state’s economy," said Jan E. Crispin, who wrote the review for the University of Utah’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. "And yet the state continues to fund it on, what I think, are these low levels."

Immigrants turn Utah into mini-melting pot

These influences have helped give the state a reputation of being warm and welcoming to immigrants.

Chamber’s SLC vision: Trails, rails and culture. Vibrant downtown sections, fluid travel are main goals

"[In] cities that are successful, one of the common threads is they have a unified vision that transcends political administrations,"

Fed loan expedites building UTOPIA. Fiber-optic network: Six small Utah cities to get broadband access sooner

The UTOPIA system, short for the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency, has received a $66 million commitment from a new U.S. Department of Agriculture loan program designed to help small communities build up their telecommunications infrastructure.

Salt Lake County launches ‘Up Grade’ website- a "one-stop shopping" resource for small businesses.

The Web site designates business categories under "start up," "grow up," "move up," and "fire up."

Utah braces for aging boomers. Looking toward 2030: The governor directs agencies to prepare for the challenges of an older population

By 2050, one in five Utah residents will be age 60 or older. Last year, only about one in 10 Utah residents was age 60 or older. Baby boomers are those born from 1946 to 1964.

World Trade Center Utah CEO named. Lew Cramer will help local businesses broaden international connections

"There is, I think, a time and a place for all communities to really begin to take globalization seriously," Huntsman said. "Through today’s announcement, it is proof positive that we are in fact reaching out to find the best and the brightest to run our globalization and international trade efforts."

Utah Governor appoints entrepreneur as first Utah Science Technology and Research chairman. Economic growth initiative under way

USTAR was created by lawmakers earlier this year as a government, education and business partnership with the goal of bringing $4.9 billion in new research funding and more than 123,000 high-tech jobs into Utah over the next 30 years.

Utah tries to lure plant. Allegheny is offered $3.25M to operate in the state

Utah has offered Allegheny Technologies Inc. as much as $3.25 million in an incentive to persuade the Pittsburgh, Pa., metals manufacturer to expand in Tooele County.