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Guest column: Common-sense conservation good for Montana business, too

Quality public lands and open spaces are critical to not only our recreation-based businesses, but also to our tech, manufacturing, and health-based businesses, offering fundamental tools for recruiting employers dedicated to creating healthy and productive communities and high value jobs across Montana.

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Video: Introduction To TicketRiver.com

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Senator Baucus Economic Engine Initiative: Spotlight on Wheatland County, Montana – TicketPrinting.com

"I am encouraged and emboldened by TicketPrinting.com’s growth at a time when we really need our small businesses to drive the economy forward. It really takes guts and elbow grease to grow and succeed during this tough economic time. My hat goes off to Lance and his team for hiring folks in Wheatland County," Baucus said. "My job is to do everything I can to make sure businesses like TicketPrinting.com http://www.ticketprinting.com have the right environment to keep chugging and keep hiring Montana workers."

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Simplified Success: Your Online Educational Box Office for School Fundraising

If school fundraising is part of your job description, you’re probably well aware of two things:

Event Success Stories – Have you held a successful Event or Raffle recently?

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The ticket to success – Growing on-line company, TicketRiver.com, expands to Lewistown, Montana

"A lot of artists, performers and musicians set up and market their own events, and want to design and print their own tickets too. We enable people to choose a design template, put their information on that template, and then we print, process and ship those promotional materials out. We’re essentially giving our customers the tools to do all of this on a small- to medium-size level."