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Jerry Seinfeld’s 1,000-Second Commencement Speech Was Set to a 5th-Grade Reading Level. It’s the Best Ever Done – Simplicity tells a story and influences deeply.

The speech was not only engaging but also remarkably accessible. It’s a master class in human storytelling, primarily because of its low reading level–equivalent to that of a fifth grader.

Why Eventgroove Fundraising?

You’re passionate about making a difference and connecting with supporters, but getting bogged down with fundraising tasks? Not so much.

Missoula Pride & Tell Us Something: Stories of Acceptance & Belonging – May 2024 Tell Us Something newsletter

Find your way back to community & get your tickets for the next show. ️‍Powerful stories of belonging & acceptance await at the Missoula Pride Live Storytelling. Get your tickets & celebrate LGBTQ+ voices! Plus! Missoula Gives recap, Plus new podcast

Free tickets, inspiring stories, and YOU can make a difference! Tell Us Something

Your donation to Tell Us Something during Missoula Gives helps us keep these stories alive.

Call for Storytellers on the theme “Going Home”, March Recap, Get Tickets and Alumni Spotlight

Tell Us Something\’s next event: \”Going Home\”! Share your story! Plus: March event recap, alumni spotlights & more! Read the April newsletter!

How to master the art of small talk

A guide to having actually interesting conversations with strangers.

Warren Buffett Says This Is the Single Greatest Skill to Boost Your Career and Improve Your Worth By 50%

It’s an ‘asset that will last you 50 or 60 years,’ according to Buffett.

February 2024 Tell Us Something Newsletter – Missoula Magic Awaits: Free Tickets, Board Openings & More!

This month in the Tell Us Something newsletter: Final call for storytellers, Stewardship ticket info, meet the poster artist, and the soundtrack to Tell Us Something. and more. Read time: about 4 minutes.

‘People are suffering alone’: Bay Area county declares loneliness crisis – First in Nation

San Mateo County has become the first in the nation to declare loneliness a public health crisis, according to a county media advisory, through a resolution that its board of supervisors passed Tuesday.

Fear: Self-limiting your potential – By Will Price Will Price Partner at Next Frontier Capital

Often the limitations we face in life are not externally imposed. Too often, we self-sabotage with firmly held beliefs that we are not good at x, not worthy of being considered by y, and the potential to achieve is still born.