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October 2021 Tell Us Something Newsletter

When I announce the theme of a Tell Us Something event and put out a call for storytellers, I usually hear from around 30 people who pitch their stories. From those 30, 8 are selected to share their story.

September Tell Us Something News – In-Person Storytelling Event Review

As the smoke clears out of the valley and temperatures drop, I am remembering what a lovely evening we had out at Bonner Park Bandshell last month. If you missed it, be sure to subscribe to the Tell Us Something podcast.

‘Tell Us Something’ moves outside for summer comeback – “Forward to Better” – 8/10 – 6:00PM – Bonner Park, Missoula

You’ll hear true stories, 10 minutes each, delivered by community members, without notes. There are seven stories and eight storytellers, as one is told by a two-person team.

Restoring a Sense of Belonging: The Unsung Importance of Casual Relationships for Older Adults

“Feeling connected to other people, not just the people who are closest to you, turns out to be incredibly important,”

Nerd Nite SF returns to Rickshaw Stop with guerilla gardening and lots of cursing – Is Your Community Ready to Host a Nerd Night?

A typical Nerd Nite includes three experts giving 20-minute lectures. A presenter might speak about why baroque music was the jazz of the 18th century or explain sharks’ ability to detect nearby electricity. In addition to some serious science, there’s typically a lot of cursing and a lot of beer.

Positively Montana Full Episode July 25

The focus of Positively Montana is to feature people doing good things; people trying to make a difference and good things happening to people who need help.

Your story is interesting, but only if you tell it

“I call storytelling ‘the leader’s superpower’ because telling a story is more engaging, inspiring and motivating than anything else you can say,”

Today’s TED Talk The infinite alchemy of storytelling

In this dynamic talk, Al-Mahdi traces her development as a storyteller using satire, dark humor and tactile collage techniques to expand what we think we know about ourselves.

Call for Storytellers for the next in-person Tell Us Something event “Forward to Better” – 8/10

Tell Us Something is calling for *YOU* to pitch your true personal story on the theme “Forward to Better”.

The Power of Nudges: Maya Shankar on Changing People’s Minds

Inspired by her own experiences, her podcast, is fittingly called A Slight Change of Plans. Shankar has intimate conversations with her guests about how they have navigated life’s challenges.

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