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The Power of Nudges: Maya Shankar on Changing People’s Minds

Inspired by her own experiences, her podcast, is fittingly called A Slight Change of Plans. Shankar has intimate conversations with her guests about how they have navigated life’s challenges.

10 Ways To Build The Trust You Need To Lead A Company

#1. Use storytelling to highlight previous trustworthiness.

“Tell Us Something” – The Next Live Event and Board Recruitment News

The biggest question that I am getting is “When is the next Tell Us Something event?” Help me decide. It isn’t an easy question to answer.

May Tell Us Something Newsletter – Watch the New Podcast and Donate During Missoula Gives

Missoula Gives is a way to celebrate our community and giving back to the nonprofits that make Missoula special. Financial stability is essential to the strength of an organization….

How to Pitch Your Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less

Use these three strategies to quickly grab your audience’s attention.

Can the Power of Storytelling Unify a Divided America? Tell Us Something

And what do Star Wars, Dolly Parton, and Jackbox Games have to do with it? Listen to the latest episode of our new podcast, Everywhere Radio, to find out.

Subject April 2021 Newsletter: Vaccinations, Cheddarboard and the return of the podcast

The only side effect that I experienced after getting my vaccination shot was one of euphoria. This past year has been hard for all of us.

TED Talk – The counterintuitive way to be more persuasive

What’s the best way to make a good point? Organizational psychologist Niro Sivanathan offers a fascinating lesson on the “dilution effect,” a cognitive quirk that weakens our strongest cases — and reveals why brevity is the true soul of persuasion.

Why You Should Always Start Your Speech Or Presentation With A Story

We listen to those we trust, and we trust those with whom we have a relationship.

March 2021 ‘Tell Us Something’ Newsletter

Get tickets for the Women’s Storytelling Festival, see a Spark collaboration & save the date for Missoula Gives