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March 2021 ‘Tell Us Something’ Newsletter

Get tickets for the Women’s Storytelling Festival, see a Spark collaboration & save the date for Missoula Gives

How to use storytelling strategies to get your emails answered

Having a hard time cutting through the noise and standing out in someone’s inbox? Try this.

Words Out West: Voices From the Literary Landscape of Big Sky Country and Beyond.

Created by Missoula playwright Jay Kettering and MTPR producer Cole Grant, Words Out West brings fresh perspectives from today’s distinctive storytellers, while celebrating the tradition of writing in the West.

February 2021 Tell Us Something Newsletter

2020 brought many unexpected surprises. This month has me feeling reflective and grateful. Yes, grateful. 2020 brought many opportunities along with its challenges. And many new stories.

Tell Us Something – January Newsletter – 2020 Year in Review

You can listen to the year-in-review podcast episode here. If reading is more your thing, you can read a bulleted list of Tell Us Something’s accomplishments in 2020 here.

Thrive – Survive Campaign spotlights Wyoming resiliency stories

Share your story with us

Ronald Reagan – The Importance of Stories

Telling a story, he made me understand, helps make your case in a way that no abstraction can: A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust.

CAN DO Podcast, Communicating in the Age of Covid

Tim Pollard, CEO of Oratium, author and speaker is one of the most knowledgeable guests I have had on my show.  Well worth your time listening to his “master class” on communicating. 

Tell Us Something December 2020 newsletter – What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About The Power Of Storytelling

A big part of the pandemic has been the feeling of isolation that many of us feel as we are staying home to stay safe. Sharing our stories can help with feelings of depression and anxiety. And it can help connect us with each other and ourselves. Sharing stories is essential to human nature.

What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About The Power Of Storytelling

There is increasing interest in innovation storytelling: the art and science of communicating new product developments, systems improvements, and groundbreaking new thinking.