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How to build community in the hybrid office

As more employers embrace hybrid work, a sense of community can bond workers at home and the office, writes Jonathan Kirschner, founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting, a global business-psychology consulting firm. “We have to make space for our people to get to know each other on a holistic level, not just through the messages they ping back and forth about upcoming projects,” Kirschner writes.

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Short-Term Rentals (AirBnB) Rise in Western Montana

On a quiet residential street just two blocks from the University of Montana, a two-story white house with a finished basement has been divided into several apartments. The upper level two bedroom apartment would be a great place for a UM student or employee. But instead, the apartment was converted into an Airbnb rental for $295 a night, not including fees.

Search for the universe’s mysterious dark matter begins a mile underground in South Dakota

The five-year, $60 million search finally got underway two months ago after a delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far the device has found … nothing. At least no dark matter.

Jobs Numbers Point to More Hiring Woes for Small Businesses

Nearly half of small-business owners report being unable to fill open positions, according to a new survey.

It’s time for startup founders to face reality

While this may seem like a scary time for startup founders, current market conditions actually provide a lot of opportunity.

What will California look like in 100 years? These futurists want to help politicians shape the next century

By describing a variety of potential futures, planners are hoping to get politicians to make decisions to help reach—or avoid—far-off scenarios, instead of just planning for the next election cycle.

Companies are offering more perks to remote workers that have nothing to do with the office

Mendoza said along with the expanded offerings, he has seen companies speed up promotions as well, “Because companies want to retain employees and don’t want to lose them and don’t have a lot of options.”

NorthWestern to Host Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results Webinar – 7/28

NorthWestern Corporation, doing business as NorthWestern Energy, provides essential energy infrastructure and valuable services that enrich lives and empower communities while serving as long-term partners to our customers and communities.

Why founders need to think hard about where their money is coming from

Founders need to recognize that not all dollars come in the same shades of green, and should act accordingly.