Rural Communities

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Plateauing: Redefining Success at Work

Some companies are beginning to take notice, providing new options and opportunities in the ongoing war for talent.

America’s Worst Commutes

Relief is not immediately at hand.

Seattle shouldn’t disregard the Other Washington

The Other Washington is also proving to be a destination for retirees, want-to-be retirees and entrepreneurs, all looking for an alternative to big-city life. That makes the Other Washington a relief valve for growth and ever-escalating housing prices in the Puget Sound area, but it also makes it a competitor to Seattle as a place where adults of all ages decide they want to live, work, start businesses, raise families and retire.

West of Washington State’s mainland finds new niche in people. Economy changing as business owners, retirees from the city seek ‘shift in lifestyle’

The Olympic Peninsula, once dependent upon exporting logs and lumber, is building an economy based on the importation of people, their companies and their money.

How To Create A Great Place To Live

Five communities around the country demonstrate ways to overcome common challenges and create attractive, appealing places to call home.

Money, vision needed to get ‘young and restless’ to settle here

We will need to combine top level researchers with the most creative people we can attract — largely through providing the highest quality of life our communities can offer.

Our economic future depends on it.

Paducah, Kentucky is recruiting artists with promises of low cost of living, financing and other benefits.

Paducah, Kentucky wants artists. "The difference between New York’s SOHO and here is the artists own it, and they have a piece of it. The arts always make it a cool place to be. Without the arts it’s just another suburb."

Reviving small towns – Resources for your town.

If you are interested in this trend in economic development, I recommend that you read Jack Schultz’s BoomTown USA: The 7-1/2 Keys to Big Success in Small Towns

Microsoft Idaho has trouble finding engineers

We have three highly paid positions we’ve been trying to fill for nine months. We’re interviewing in Seattle now. We’re still going to try to bring Microsoft jobs to Idaho, but this just makes it harder.

Janicki’s innovative molds change engineering of superyachts, jets in Sedro -Woolley, WA

"They know how to make stuff. They know how to hit stuff with a hammer," Janicki said. "Put those people together with a group of people that have a lot of science and math and … you can make really cool new stuff."