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Face to Face: David Bell and the ALPS Insurance Corp. preparing for post-pandemic shakeup

With more than 70 employees, the firm conducts business in 47 states, operating from its headquarters in downtown Missoula.

Wharton – The Post-COVID-19 World Will Be Less Global and Less Urban

Globalization and urbanization generate challenges we must confront, all the more so in a post-coronavirus world.

Next Frontier Capital Leads Investment in TwinThread, Inc. – Company to relocate headquarters to Bozeman, Montana

TwinThread uses Artificial Intelligence technology to enable manufacturers to gain insight into the performance and recommended adjustments of their machines.

WGA – COVID-19 Economic Impacts and Mitigation in Rural Communities: State and Local (Part III) – 5/15 – 11AM

This webinar will provide perspectives from business owners and lenders on the rollout of federal aid for small businesses, including obstacles that have limited their effectiveness, and what’s needed next.

Challenges abound for child care providers; senators signal support for additional aid

“As time has gone on, demand has definitely increased,”

Twitter employees can work from home forever, CEO says

Twitter’s new policy comes as businesses across the nation are struggling to adapt to social distancing guidelines.

Doctors are turning to GoFundMe to stay afloat during the pandemic

Small primary care practices now depend on crowdfunding and government loans to avoid bankruptcy. Their instability signals another healthcare crisis waiting in the wings.

An Overlooked Resource for Rebuilding Local Economies: Angels

Locally focused investors support the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems that will produce high-paying jobs in the post-pandemic world. Public officials can learn a lot from their angel investors.

How COVID-19 Will Change the Way We Shop

The pandemic may hit small local retailers hardest, due to their reliance on physical stores over e-commerce.

Virtual International Wildlife Film Festival from Missoula, Montana reaches nearly every state, 25 countries

“We’re not going to make any serious decisions right now about next year obviously because who knows where we’ll be, but I think we probably will consider doing a virtual package again.”