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The price of safety – Protection programs may cost more than identity theft itself

Some are not shy about exaggerating the problem while making their sales pitch.

Patch issued after CD users complain

A firestorm quickly erupted over what appeared to be an attempt by the music company to retain control over its intellectual property by secretly installing hidden software on the PCs of unsuspecting customers.

New Worm Targets AOL Instant Messenger

When a machine is compromised with such software, it gives hackers the ability to execute remote commands and install anything they want on the vulnerable PC.

E-mail scam phishes for Wells Fargo clients

The e-mail, making its rounds locally, shows "Wells Fargo" as the sender and has the subject "Update Your Wells Fargo Accounts!"

Stealing your ID can be as easy as ABC

I had just called her on an unlisted cellphone number and informed her that I had her Social Security number, Visa card number, bank account and personal identification numbers, and eBay account name and password.

Phishers Sinking to New Lows

But if your thoughts are halfway around the world, in a war zone where every day is a life-or-death matter for a loved one, and your bank is the Armed Forces Bank, then just maybe you get fooled this one time. Just takes once. Low-life scammers count on it — all the way to the bank.

Computer bug strikes again – Sober.Q, a familiar nemesis, has political message

A persistent computer virus of German origin has flared again, this time dumping torrents of right-wing messages and Web site links into e-mail inboxes worldwide.

One man created most PC viruses – 70% of infections worldwide this year traced to 18-year-old

"Sasser may have taken top spot, but six of the biggest viruses of the last six months were Netsky and Bagle variants," Cluley said. "These caused a continued nuisance for PC users the world over as their authors entered into a very public game of virus writing one-upmanship."

Fake Bin Laden File Harbors Virus

The virus was attached to a message that was posted on over 30,000 Usenet newsgroups and is not being spread via e-mail, said Web security vendor Sophos.

New Bagle worm spreading; source code is revealed – Leading antivirus firms issued alerts about two new variants yesterday

When run, the new Bagle worms display a message box with the title "Error! Can’t find a viewer associated with the file." Like earlier versions of Bagle, the new variants also harvest e-mail addresses from files stored on the computers they infect and have their own Simple Mail Transfer Protocol engines, which they use to send large volumes of infected e-mail messages.

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