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Baiters Teach Scammers a Lesson

But Metimbers and crew turn the tables on scammers one by one, boomeranging the tricksters’ own tactics to entice them into performing outlandish tasks in desperate pursuit of cash — then trumpeting evidence of the con artists’ naïveté for the online world’s amusement.

Researchers issue warning on ‘powerful’ Internet attacks

First detected late last year, the new attacks directed such massive amounts of spurious data against victim computers that even flagship technology companies could not cope, the report said.

E-mail worm bent only on destruction. Microsoft Won’t Issue Advance Kama Sutra Fix Until Feb. 14

The Kama Sutra worm — also referred to as Nyxem.E and Grew.A — is unnerving because, unlike other e-mail worms, it appears to be detached from any profit motive.

Covert Crawler Descends on Web

The program comes from different internet addresses, simulates different browsers and throttles itself to human-like speeds.

Hackers seize on newfound flaw in Windows. Visiting certain Web sites can infect computers

The flaw in the world’s most popular software leaves PCs open to adware and spyware as well as Trojans, which can hide damaging programs.

InvestSmart Montana Hotline Receives Report of an International Scam Involving Fraudulent Unclaimed Prize Awards

State Auditor John Morrison alerts Montanans to new fraud targeting the

Sober.X worm clogs inboxes. Virus sends e-mails that look like ones from feds

The junk traffic generated by Sober has bogged down e-mail systems at some of the nation’s largest Internet service providers.

Viral cure could ‘immunise’ the internet

They propose developing a network of "honeypot" computers, distributed across the internet and dedicated to the task of combating viruses.

Tax refund e-mails are a scam, IRS warns

The e-mail is an identity theft "phishing" scam that tries to fool recipients into revealing personal and financial information.

Two More Ways to Fight Viruses, for Free

Both of these freebies can be installed only on home computers that aren’t put to any business or commercial use.