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New Fed ‘Basel’ rule could wipe out Montana’s small business, ranches and farmers

The basic proposal is this: The Fed is proposing that banks be required to hold as much as 20% more capital (cash) than they are presently required to hold.

As baby boomers retire, German businesses turn to robots

At machine parts producer S&D Blech, the head of the grinding unit is retiring. With Germany’s acute labour shortage leaving few candidates to take on the skilled but dirty and hazardous manual work, the company will replace him with a robot.

LinkedIn exec reveals exactly how AI is changing hiring and recruiting

On the latest episode of The New Way We Work, LinkedIn’s Head of Opportunity Project shares what new AI roles have already been created, how AI is changing the job market, and the impact AI will have on everyone’s job.

Want A New EV Dirt Cheap? Get Ready To Act Fast In Two Months!

The law that gave Bolts the tax credit back also changes the tax credit into a point of sale rebate starting in January. Instead of waiting for tax time to maybe get a tax credit, you can give your tax credit to the dealer instead, and they can in turn take the $7,500 right off the price of the Bolt. For states with no other incentives, this puts the price at or a little below $20,000.

Newest way to woo workers: Child care at airports, schools and poultry plants and….what is your company doing?

Businesses are increasingly taking on the national child-care crisis themselves

Many Conservative US Politicians Push For Anti-Clean Energy Legislation

Conservative politicians continue to write bills that are designed to maintain the devastating hold of the fossil fuel industry on US energy.

Cowboy Culture And The American Way

Americans celebrate the cowboy culture of rugged individualism. It’s what makes us exceptional but it is also our Achilles heel.

What happened to the internet without net neutrality?

Today on the show, what happened in the years without it and what happens next.

‘Bidenomics’: Feds Seek to Promote Commercial Conversions Into Affordable Transit-Friendly Housing

The federal government is going back to the future to help solve three problems: vacant office space, global warming and high housing costs.

Short-term rentals are on the chopping block in some Montana cities

Housing is an issue across the country, and other municipalities have taken similar measures to ban short-term rentals, like New York City, which recently implemented an up-to $5,000 fine for hosts who aren’t registered with the city, the New York Times reported.