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The Only Pitch Guyde You’ll Ever Need from Guy Kawasaki

Once and for all, here’s all you need to know about pitches because most pitches still suck. This is geared towards for-profit ventures, but the principles apply to almost any fund raising effort.

America’s startup boom is still going strong. Here’s what it means for the economy

“I’d say we’re on a new plateau that started in 2021,” Haltiwanger says. Comparing the three years before the onset of the pandemic with the three years after it, the data suggests there are now, on average, almost 60% more new businesses being created each year.

Dorsey eUpdate: Legislative Action Heralds Sweeping Changes to PAGA

PAGA reform bills aim to curb frivolous lawsuits by elevating plaintiffs’ standing requirements, fortifying defenses for employers – including the availability to cure purported violations – and imposing limits on civil penalties. In so doing, this legislation carves a pathway to guard against unnecessary protracted litigation.

Connecting Big Sky Country: PNWER RIA Team Visits Montana to Talk Passenger Rail

Earlier this month, the PNWER RIA team traveled to Big Sky Country to join stakeholders and partners in discussing opportunities for our region’s passenger rail renaissance.

California’s High Tech Approach to Preventing Wildfires

AI-trained cameras are putting eyes — hundreds of them — on land across the state. They’re spotting fires before the 911 calls come in.

What Is Your Home’s Wildfire Risk?

An updated online tool allows towns and counties to get a sense of their wildfire risk without having to pay for expensive studies.

Return-To-Office Mandates Are (Finally, Unquestionably) Dead

For the tech industry anyway, the remote work productivity argument is no longer relevant

How This Former U.S. Navy SEAL Prevents Burnout

Madefor founder and former SEAL Patrick Dossett has made managing mental health and burnout his business.

You probably missed this Supreme Court decision. It will change how government works.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision involving fishing vessels will alter how presidents handle executive orders and should force Congress to do its job.

Headwaters report: Time to rethink wildfire management – Adaptive Firescapes

“Wildfire is coming to our landscape. Is it fire that we can live with or fire that will repeatedly destroy us?