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Walker Tracker, a Northeast Portland software start-up, measures its considerable progress

"We are the only company allowing companies to compete against one another (or between operating divisions), while maintaining total privacy and control of their employee portal," says Mays. He adds that Walker Tracker is good at delivering tailored programs to medium and small businesses — many of their competitors focus on large corporations.

In rural Oregon, middle-class life is slipping away

The recession’s punch hit the state’s rural communities first and hardest.

Facebook Dons Cowboy Boots, Rides Into Desert For Economic Rescue

‘Keeping the Town Alive’

Data centers in Oregon: High tech meets high desert – Google searches for privacy, finds a community – Oregon is a great deal for server farms. Is the deal too good?

Data centers arrived in Oregon five years ago, cloaked in mystery. There’s no hiding them now.

Jet aircraft manufacturing, Lewis & Clark Performance, LLC., makes a landing in Lincoln County, Oregon

Aircraft officianados and designers extraordinaire "Skeeter" Karnes and his son Richard have relentlessly pursued a uniquely crafted single seat aircraft that gives even the most seasoned pilots a thrill every time they pour on the gas, pull back on the stick and scream straight up through the clouds.

Startup: Paydici, a Portland tech company

"I was really passionate about entrepreneurship and building things," Alford-Jones, 25, said. "For me, it almost seemed like there was no other alternative."

A Vancouver man’s race to invention with The Roll-It

It’s nearly unheard of for a first-time inventor to land in a major retailer’s health and beauty care aisle, a highly competitive category dominated by multinational corporations. And yet for Peterson, 71, the work has just begun.

Former Intel employee develops thermal window product – Indow Windows

Great for retrofitting historic structures

Oregon state economists estimate state revenues have dropped by $200 million

"Make no mistake, if the U.S. and nationwide economy goes into recession, it will drag Oregon down with it."

Oregon Universities Commit to Big Solar Energy Project

Oregon’s state universities are embarking on what’s believed to be the state’s largest solar energy project, an effort that will eventually bring solar arrays to all seven campuses in the Oregon University System.