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Consider applying for SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program.

You can play a role in connecting underserved small businesses with resources they need to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic.

How the combination of our cultures of service and tipping leads to sexual harassment in restaurants – What about the ad industry?

The combination of tipping-based compensation structures with demands for overexaggerated friendliness lead customers to feel they have power over service workers.

What happens to the economy when $5.2 trillion in stimulus wears off?

“Our economy does not do a terribly good job of slowing without creating a lot of pain,” America’s nascent economic boom has been propped up by history’s most expensive training wheels. Some doubt it will be able to keep growing under its own power.

Bring back corner stores to create a connected, equitable city

A call for zoning reforms that legalize commercial buildings in residential neighborhoods in Seattle—a building type and land use that has fallen out of favor all over the United States.

Y Combinator Wants to Find You a Business Partner

Many in the orbit of Y Combinator know a curious fact: Of the top 100 companies that have come out of the renowned startup school and accelerator, only four had solo founders.

3 Ways Biden’s Latest Executive Order Could Give Your Business an Edge

The order calls on the Federal Trade Commission for new rules to restrict the use of non-compete clauses and excessive occupational licensing requirements.

President Biden Just Announced Plans to Restore Net Neutrality

But it could take months to get rolling.

Senate Bill Would Put Teen Drivers in Big Rigs

The latest Senate transportation bill would make it legal for freight companies to hire teenagers to drive big rigs, among other dangerous new policies that advocates say have no place in federal law.

Federal Speech Rulings May Embolden Health Care Workers to Call Out Safety Issues

The appeals court’s decision could mean that hospitals — and other employers — will need to revise their policies.

3 Tips for Businesses Looking to Sell in 2021

Investment professionals at Grant Thornton and Prelude Growth Partners explain what the rebounding economy means for founders looking to sell.