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City Club Missoula takes shape with different opinions in civil, civic discourse

The next City Club Missoula luncheon is scheduled for Jan. 21. Please plan on attending…and bring a friend.

Missoula City Club draws interest for next luncheon this Friday 12/17

"It’s a way to be involved in the future of Missoula and the way it’s going," Olivier said. "Everyone can learn about what other people are doing, about our economy, our way of life and perhaps about being involved in Missoula’s growth, but also staying together as a community."

Landowners discuss pros, cons of outsiders buying Montana property

As for making wealthy newcomers part of the ranching community, it means treating them like anyone else.

"Invite them into your home. Do not wait for them to issue the first invitation; introduce them around," Taylor said. "Include them in community functions. Even if they cannot always participate themselves, their managers and employees normally more than hold up their end in the community."

Project aims to improve grasslands

"Then we hope to help those ranchers improve their production and enhance Montana’s natural resources through common sense conservation."

Larimer project is big winner in grants from state – Great Outdoors Colorado awarded $11.6 million for grasslands purchase

"It’s the untouched Old West exactly as you might envision it," said Cameron, Larimer County’s open lands manager. "To know we’re going to save it is just awesome."

A West that works – Across fencelines

"What I’ve learned," said Heather Knight, "is that home is not a place where people live, it’s a place where people care, about the land, each other, and a shared future."

Research calls for big B.C. grizzly corridor

New research led by Dr. Lance Craighead, one of the world’s top grizzly bear authorities, is calling for the creation of a massive wildlife corridor on the east slope of the Rockies.

For Wildlife With Wanderlust, Their Own Highway

"I want my grandson, and his children, to be able to saddle up and ride across this ranch," he said. And he said he had come to understand that the wild creatures are a big part of what makes the land work. "Without them, it wouldn’t be the wild country that it is," he said.

Colorado Open Lands agreement to preserve 80,000-acre ranch

"The Forbes family has managed the land for wildlife habitat for decades, and this will make it permanent," said Dan Pike of Colorado Open Lands.

Non-profit organizations are learning how to behave like corporations, thanks to a program that teaches them how to fish for funds

"We teach them how to do things for themselves, and how to turn the things that they know how to do already . . . into revenue-generating endeavors," said Bob Price, the center’s chairman.

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