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60 Minutes – Social media’s role in America’s polarized political climate

Social media is a showcase of our anger; an analysis by the New York Times this fall found that online use of the phrase “civil war” has exploded.

Now, leading voices in academia and tech are saying that rather than simply reflecting the polarization in society, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are helping to create it.

Center for Humane Technology – Together we must Align Technology with Humanity’s Best Interests

Our social media environment is broken. Want a roadmap to help fix it?

Join us for Business Pitch in White Sulphur Springs – 11/9

Business Pitch is a fun, informal way to share your business or project idea. Learn about valuable tools and resources to bring your business idea to life including:

GFDA Upcoming Trainings: Two-day Brownfield workshop, Government Contracting and more!

Whether you’re just getting started, looking for new customers, wanting to grow sales through e-commerce, or focusing on workforce.
We’re here to help.

Does your brand have a great story behind it? If so, tell it. – Montana’s ‘Tell Us Something’

Everything—faith, science, love—needs a story for people to find it plausible. No story, no sale.”

Applications are open for the $125,000 Youth Serve Montana Scholarships in 2023

This year’s scholarship is being offered to high school students in two awards, $1,000 for 50 hours of volunteer service and $1,500 for 100 hours of volunteer service. The scholarships will be offered to 100 Montana seniors attending Montana Campus Compact member institutions next fall.

Montana Business Assistance Connection – Remote Worker Skill Training with introduction and education that makes the client competent and available for current job openings.

MBAC in collaboration with MSU-Extension, Job Service, Career Training Institute and
consultant Trepademics, purchase 20 training slots for regional residents to participate with
Teleworks USA in training and interviews to be remote workers.

Find the Best Places in Downtown Great Falls, Montana

Easily locate the local businesses that make Great Falls Great.

Welcome to G.R.O.W. Glendive Recycles Our Waste (GROW)

Glendive Recycles Our Waste (GROW) is a non-profit. Run by a group of volunteers, we are working to extend the life of our landfill by recycling cardboard and plastic. We also educate our neighbors about recycling.

Edge of the Plains – The Documentary

This documentary is a rare glimpse into the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs throughout central and southeast Montana who turned their pipe dreams into a reality. Audience members will experience an inside look into the unique processes each company uses to create and manufacture the products they sell.