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Erik’s Ranch – Paradise Valley, Montana resort offers options for adults with autism

Its resident "members" are moderate- to high-functioning adults with autism.

Mike Kavanaugh Joins McLaughlin Research Institute as new director

"Mike Kavanaugh’s scientific expertise, energy and desire will make for a powerful leader of this long-storied Montana science institution," research scientist Leroy Hood, a longtime member of McLaughlin’s Scientific Advisory Committee, said in a news release.

Equity Schools – working nationally to solve capital and operational funding problems for schools (public, private, and charter), other tax exempt organizations, public entities, and for-profit businesses.

Anything is possible.

Any problem can be solved … usually in several different ways.

Most solutions require optimism, hard work, and collaboration … by everyone involved.

The results are worth it.

Local Nonprofits to Receive $10,000 from University of Montana Students

A University of Montana philanthropy class will grant a total of $10,000 to local nonprofits, with a minimum award of $2,000 and a maximum award of $7,000. Eligible nonprofits are welcome to apply by noon Friday, Nov. 4.

Recent Impacts of ONE Montana

One Montana enables common ground solutions to divisive issues facing Montana. We work in a non-partisan, collaborative manner. Join us.

Nonprofit Groups Attract CFOs From For-Profit Companies

Charities seek executives who can instill financial discipline, but new jobs require some readjustment

‘Farm Hands Nourish the Flathead’ focuses on getting fresh, nutritious ingredients into meals on the Blackfeet Reservation and in the Flathead

A survey showed that 37 percent of people living on the Blackfeet Reservation are living below the poverty line, more than double the state and national averages hovering around 15 percent.

Famed paleontologist Horner says he was pushed out of museum, Krauss questions leadership

Horner, 70, said that at the retirement party no one asked him why he was leaving or if it was amicable, and no one asked him to stay. He said he is still unsure to this day what happened.

FASB Updates Accounting Rules For Not-for-Profits

The new rules also make it easier for donors, creditors and other interested parties to see how a nonprofit’s funds are being used.

2016 MNA Conference: Nonprofits In Focus, 9/27-29, Helena, Montana

Wow. Who will you choose? Picking from this year’s menu of 45 speakers will be no easy job.