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Streets Are for Building Community Wealth. Here’s Why That’s So Important.

Streets designed for humans on foot build more wealth than those designed for automobile throughput, and it’s not even close.

The World Has Too Much Stuff

Retailers bamboozled by the pandemic now find themselves staring at mountains of unwanted stock. Here’s what happened and how it can be fixed.

How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own

Taking a comprehensive ‘Housing First’ approach, the city of Houston has cut homelessness by 63 percent in the last decade.

With Yellowstone closed, gateway towns face a fight for survival Business owners in tourist towns fear the closure could be a death sentence

Gardiner “is a Yellowstone town. It lives and dies by tourism, and this is going to be a pretty big hit.”
— Bill Berg, Park County Commissioner

John Oliver: “Housing…the thing that sixteen-year-old TikTok millionaires can afford, and you can’t.”

John Oliver discusses why rent has become increasingly unaffordable, what we can do to combat a system that is stacked against tenants, and, of course, Dakota Johnson’s complex relationship to limes.

We Can’t End Car Dependency Without Disincentivizing Driving

To actually tempt people to make greener transportation choices, Pendyala says policymakers need to look at the fundamental reasons why people choose to get around the way they do, and craft policies to influence them on every possible front. And there are a lot of them.

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 6-19-22

Here is our Top 12 for this week celebrating work and successes to grow and strengthen the Great Falls regional economy — Montana’s Golden Triangle. And, sharing business resources and skill-building opportunities to empower your success.

Design firm set to begin master planning process for Midtown Missoula

The area has ample space for infill and room for vast transportation improvements to make it more pedestrian friendly. Brock said ECONorthwest will conduct a walking audit of the corridor.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte was in Italy during week of Yellowstone flooding, his office says

Many have asked where the governor is, including multiple media outlets, without a response. His office responded to questions Thursday morning, saying they do not reveal the location of the governor when he’s out of the country for security reasons, but will “share more information upon their return.”

Montana: A Hidden Powerhouse of Manufacturing 

When you think of states with strong manufacturing sectors, which ones come to mind – Michigan, Texas, Ohio?  You might be surprised to learn that Montana stacks up very well when compared to other states.

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