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An Update from Leadership Montana….

The 46-member Leadership Montana Class of 2006 began their journey across Montana on September 7 at Big Sky. It comes as no surprise that this group of Montanans is excited, passionate and committed.

The Essence of Leadership – Leaders are "people who leave their footprints in their areas of passion."

Great leadership seems easy to recognize, and you usually can tell when someone is lacking in leadership qualities. But how do you define it?

What makes a Great Leader?

The Three Ways of Great Leaders All great leaders have the ability to read the forces that shape the times in which they live — and to seize on the resulting opportunities — but a…

Which Type of Leader are You?

There are three types of brilliant bosses. No doubt, you’re one of them. Find out which.

Leadership Montana 2005-2006 Program Schedule

Disabled students learn leadership in Montana

"If we can give them some self-worth now, it can contribute to their success as an adult," Hermanson said.

Arizona Partnership Promotes Early Childhood Leadership

Research demonstrates that for every dollar invested in early education programs, there is a seven dollar savings in criminal justice, welfare, remedial education, and other related costs.

Good Managers Focus on Employees’ Strengths, Not Weaknesses

the best managers share one talent — the ability to find, and then capitalize upon, their employees’ unique traits. "The guiding principle is, ‘How can I take this person’s talent and turn it into performance?’

Leadership Montana Introduces Class of 2006…

Congratulations to all who will participate in leading the future of Montana. – Russ

Employees View Leadership Through Lens of Work-Life Balance

According to the study, employees who strike a positive balance between home and work were 11% more likely to praise their leaders’ ability to set clear direction than those who have trouble finding such a balance.