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The February Leadership Development Carnival

What Leaders Can Learn from Chesley Sullenberger

10 Ways to Avoid the Arrogance of Power

"The ability to understand another’s point of view, and to put oneself in the other’s place, is one of the most critical factors that affects ability to obtain influence and is a critical skill for everyone, including organizational leaders."

Workplace Coach: Obama offers leadership lessons

While there are many lessons, here are a few that I suggest business leaders take note of:

Four-week course for managers begins Feb. 10 at MSU – "Applied Leadership Level 1: Lead Great People"

Topics include employee motivation, coaching, leading teams, time management and communication. The course is hands-on and includes several self-assessments, personal strategic plans and time to create measureable goals related to individual work situations.

10 Leadership Styles

Do you always lead with a style that’s most comfortable for you, or can you adapt your natural style to meet the need of a given situation?

"Real" leadership is lacking in the U.S. because greed has replaced it.

Can you imagine in your wildest dreams business, labor, and political leaders in modern America following this reality of leadership? Yah, I doubt it too.

10 Mantras for Emerging Leaders in 2009

#1. Listen to the Cry for Accountability

Coaching the nontoxic leader

Leadership coaching has shed its stigma, says the co-author of a new report on the field. "Ten years ago, most companies engaged coaches to help them fix toxic behavior at the top," Diane Coutu says. "But nowadays, most coaching is about developing high-potential talent."

Can We Talk? A Community Conversation, 1/30, Billings, Montana

In learning the concept of Gracious Space (hospitable space), participants are invited to join in a community conversation on behalf of positive change.

Starting Over, With a Second Career Goal of Changing Society Through NonProfit Leadership – "The Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative,"

Harvard kicked off a small but ambitious experiment this week that it hopes will become a new “third stage” of university education. For the student-fellows in the program, most in their 50s and early 60s, the goal is a second-act career in a new stage of life.