Missoula Schools Excellence

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Missoula School District Wins Education Award to Invest in Indian Education for All

"These awards are an investment in the young people who will shape the future of Montana," said Juneau.

President Obama enlists governors to raise the education bar. Proposes New Reading and Math Standards

"Because too many students are not learning the basic skills needed to succeed in college or work while they are in high school," the White House said in the statement, "the nation sacrifices more than $3.7 billion a year in lost productivity and remedial education costs."

Willard Alternative High School in Missoula, Montana offers second chance to struggling students

In order to ensure the school’s academic integrity, Willard has a contract system. There are three types of contracts.

Graduation Matters Missoula – Superintendent Apostle’s audacious plan aims to curb dropouts

"My feeling is that America’s students can and will and must compete against students from anywhere," says Apostle in full Knute Rockne mode. "Not only compete, but win. That’s the type of system we’re trying to create here in the city of Missoula."

Program to improve graduation rates launched in Missoula today. "Graduation Matters Missoula"

"Goal No. 1 is that all students will graduate," Apostle said. "That is a huge goal. A constancy of purpose will ensure this happens."

‘Graduation Matters Missoula’ Campaign Launches Tuesday, Jan. 19

Missoula County Public Schools has been working with community leaders from a wide variety of local organizations to develop a lasting campaign to encourage students to stay in school through graduation.

Missoula County Public Schools superintendent, Alex Apostle, to roll out initiative to keep students in school

"Everyone’s invited, because everyone’s involved," said Apostle. "I want people to realize that the problem of keeping kids in school isn’t just a school thing. It’s an issue for everybody."

Unlocking the mind: Missoula Writing Collaborative seeks funds to help student program

"The main feature of our program has always been the in-depth nature of it," said Megan McNamer, the program’s administrative director. "The students build this trusting relationship with the writer. It allows them to think and write more creatively, but beyond that, they just perform better in school."

Missoula Students Deserve Full Community Support to Increase Graduation Rates

We look forward to seeing a more focused plan of action on Jan. 19, when Apostle and others will present the initiative to the public at the University of Montana.

And we look forward to seeing the Missoula community follow that plan through to completion.

Missoula County Public Schools – Plan in works to keep kids in school – Pilot projects to improve education in community

“This is something that will be undertaken by the entire community, because it’s about the whole community. Keeping kids in school isn’t just the responsibility of schools and teachers and parents. It’s about the larger community, and that’s why we’re reaching out.” Alex Apostle