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Butte group takes lead in leadership training

"It’s important to have a leadership program in our community," The idea is to develop a long-term program that identifies potential leaders as early as high-school age and brings them forward in learning and caring about their community.

A teacher of fly fishing and the art of leadership

Martha Hahn, former state director of the Bureau of Land Management, tries her luck along the Boise River at Barber Park earlier this week. Hahn now is a consultant specializing in leadership development. Hahn is planning a new seminar called Leadership on the Fly. In the seminar, Hahn will lead participants on fly-fishing outings, contrasting the skills used for fishing with the ones in leadership.

Leadership continuity decidedly deficient

"When you think of the skills and leadership behaviors that go into creating the successful leader of tomorrow, three years is nothing," said Guy Beaudin, managing director of RHR in Toronto. "Organizations are not paying attention."

Leadership Montana Introduces First Class…

Leadership Montana, a statewide collaboration of higher education, civic and business leaders, has selected the Class of 2004-2005, the program’s inaugural class. Leadership Montana will present a seven session program of leadership development and business…

Future leaders discover life outside the boardroom

”What you’re seeing at Pricewaterhouse is really leading-edge," Foley said. ”It’s really a great new angle, and a smart one."

On Leadership Communication- Humility, You can get far without it, but don’t expect many supporters

Humility just might be one of the most overlooked attributes in leadership, but it just might be one of the most important attributes a leader can possess. Humility is a strand between leader and follower that underscores one common element: our humanity.

The Rules of Executive Class Leadership

Listen first, speak last.

Grant from the Northwest Area Foundation to help develop leadership in reservation communities

“Studies show that small communities, even if they are distant from larger population centers, can thrive if they have a strong leadership system,” explained Northwest Area Foundation President Karl Stauber, who made the grant announcement in a press release. “Our aim is to help rural communities strengthen their systems in order to reduce poverty for the long term.”

If you want good information, ask around – a lot – Large groups are more accurate that any expert

To accept that the masses might know something valuable would mean radically altering how our country operates.

Integrity and Business…it pays off

Judging from the press, you’d think that most businesses in America survive by hook or by crook…but mostly by crook. I beg to differ. In fact, it is my experience that most business people are…