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Gov. Vilsack Announces "Results Iowa" Web Site

"We have essentially given Iowans a window into state government that will allow them to be more engaged and involved and help them better understand how decisions are made and how their government is working," said Vilsack. "Every person in this state now has access to the very same information that policy-makers and the Lt. Governor and I have when we make important decisions about the state’s priorities and its future."

New Web Tool Helps State Lawmakers Create Business Friendly Climate

Advocacy’s New Web Page Offers A One-Stop For Proposed Legislation, Current
State Laws, Statistics, And Information

Protection orders to be delivered electronically in North Dakota

"In some locations, where they’ve got Internet access, the advocates will be entering the petition information on computer, so that when somebody sits down at a safe house and is working with an advocate, they can go in and enter all the vital information," Gladden said.

Top 10 Digital Legislatures Named

"In a setting like South Dakota, blessed with a great deal of open space, people need to retrieve information about the legislative process from where they are and not have to trek to the Capitol," Fry said. "This site is about openness and access and it has come to serve a variety of constituencies very well."

Massachusetts Forms Virtual Community for IT Workers

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston have launched a virtual community for state and municipal CIOs and IT professionals to discuss common issues and exchange information. The partnership, announced October 15 at…

When Government Invests in IT, Benefits to Constituents Often Exceed Internal Benefits to Government, Says Study

A recent study released by Deloitte Research offers a new approach for evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of government technology investments. According to the study, public-sector organizations should evaluate information technology (IT) investments,…

Byrd wants House members to have hand-held e-mail

Florida House speaker Johnnie Byrd wants all 120 state House members to have hand-held e-mail devices known as BlackBerries that would be paid for by tax dollars. USA Today Byrd said that the money would…

911 calls go to state-of-the-art center

"This system is the best in Montana and probably the Northwest — unless someone builds one tomorrow," said Capt. George Skuletich.

Virus shuts down Montana state computer system

The Montana state computer system ground to a halt Tuesday when it came under attack from a virus, one week after escaping unscathed when a similar virus-like worm hit computers around the world. By MATT…

Idaho Online Service Attracts Real Estate Agents

"Our Web-based services have allowed us to eliminate large amounts of paper processing and handling, which has translated into significant time and cost savings for the Commission as well as the licensees we serve."