Energy and Climate Change

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University of Idaho gets $960,000 biodiesel fuel grant

The University of Idaho received a $960,000 federal grant to promote use of biodiesel. The Times-News Online The university and the National Biodiesel Board will use the money to develop a program to entice government…

Stanford farmer dedicates wind turbine – New emphasis on wind power in Montana

"It’ll be nice not to have a power bill," he said. "Now, I just have to figure out how to get rid of my monthly telephone bill."

Little Solar Houses for You and Me – Working to develop the Volkswagen of solar homes

"What we’re trying to do is come up with the Volkswagen of net-zero-energy homes."

Biodiesel could spark local industry – Nez Perce, private firm working on separate plans for three refineries

Efforts to build a biodiesel refinery have gathered speed across the Pacific Northwest.

Growin’ in the Wind – Wind Energy Can Help Farmers, Ranchers Through Natural-Gas Crisis

The words "energy crisis" may conjure images from the 1970s of gasoline rationing and long lines of cars at the pumps. For Montana farmers and ranchers, the current "energy crisis" may be less obvious, but…

Great Falls OKs creating own electric utility

"I haven’t seen a lot of leadership on this at the state level," Lawton said, "and I don’t feel we can wait for the state to take care of us. It isn’t likely to happen."

More power to them: House produces energy surplus

"Using electricity for heat is like using a chainsaw to cut butter,"

Recharging the Grid- New innovations for the power grid

As the blackout showed, the nation’s power grid is stressed out.

Researchers tweak solar-cell efficiency

"People have been working blindly, but they don’t have to anymore," he said. "We expect that teams around the world will adopt this technology to aid their research."

Into the mix – Hybrid technology gaining speed within Missoula government fleets

Peter Nielsen doesn’t have to say a word to start conversations on Missoula streets. By ROB CHANEY of the Missoulian Behind the wheel of a Honda Civic hybrid sedan, the city’s environmental health supervisor gets…