Energy and Climate Change

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New Web site showcases resource-efficient homes

Montana State University has launched a new Web site that showcases resource-efficient homes.

Wind Power’s New Current

When wind projects were discussed 20 years ago, "you could safely say that they were science projects," said Steve Zwolinski, president of GE Wind Energy. "They’ve come of age now, and they’re really a viable technology."

FPL Energy Announces Plans to Build 144-megawatt Wind Farm in Wyoming

FPL Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of FPL Group has announced it will build, own and operate the largest wind project in Wyoming. Montana Green Power FPL Energy will construct 80 1.8-megawatt wind turbines at a…

Great Falls mulls making own electricity

Great Falls is considering its own city-owned electric utility, hoping to establish an alternative to beleaguered NorthWestern Energy.

Better Bacterial Fuel Cell Demoed

Researchers from the Ernst Moritz Arndt University in Germany have found a way to harvest the energy needed to power a fuel cell from chemical reactions that occur when E. coli bacteria consume sugar. Technology…

PacifiCorp wants to sell renewable energy

PacifiCorp has asked state regulators to let its 56,000 eastern Idaho customers choose to have the power they consume generated by renewable sources for an extra monthly charge. Associated Press Spokesman Review The company wants…

US Lawmakers Target Wind Farms For Stricter Review

The sudden burst of interest in wind power in the U.S., from Cape Cod to the Smoky Mountains, has led Congress to consider a stricter approval process for wind farm projects. DOW JONES NEWSWIRES (Thanks…

Veggie Fuels Feed Bottom Line

"Biodiesel is in its infancy. As biodiesel (use) grows, the price will drop," Tickell said. "Meanwhile petroleum is only getting more expensive. Sooner or later, the price curves will cross."

Wind Powers Brit Energy and Jobs- New Wind Mapping Technology Available

The government sees encouraging offshore wind as key to meeting its target of providing 10 percent of Britain’s power from green sources by 2010, up from 3 percent at present.

Montana should learn from its expensive deregulation lessons

With the announced layoffs of Touch America’s remaining employees and planned liquidation of its assets through bankruptcy, the painful Montana Power Co.-Touch America death watch is almost over. By Bob Rowe chairman, Montana Public Service…