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UM program focuses on buying food locally for school consumption to nourish the campus commuity and the state’s economy.

"If we can help keep the money in the state by buying local and regional products, I think everyone will benefit," LoParco said. "It will help keep Montana farms alive and it will cut down on transportation costs and pollution."

MBAs brush up on getting jobs – Schools take new tacks in trying to help students market themselves

When Kara Fudge entered the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business two years ago, she knew she had to complete 21 classes to get her MBA, usually a gold-plated ticket into the business world….

The Value of Business-Plan Competitions

"The ideal participant is not a seasoned management team with advanced plans seeking easy access to seed capital. Universities are, after all, places of education – not ATMs for early stage financing. Rather, it is tomorrow’s entrepreneurs who look to these competitions as a way of learning through doing, with the bonus of a possibility at turning their idea into reality."

Educators find help through Montana JASON Project

The JASON Project is a multimedia program that includes an inquiry based curriculum, an expedition video, interactive online activities, a
live expedition broadcast and teacher professional development.

DECA’s best-Big Sky, Sentinel (Missoula) students head to national business competition in Florida

"DECA’s not just business, business, business. It’s not about turning them into capitalist pigs. There’s a lot more to it. One of the points on the DECA diamond is social awareness – an awareness of where we fit into a community – and we do those things, too."

Excess Govt. Computers available to Schools and Educational Nonprofit Organizations

Schools and educational nonprofit organizations that would like to receive excess computers from the federal government can visit at the Computers for Learning website. A school is eligible to receive donations through the Computers…

As Amount of Funding Declines, Public Universities Trim State Ties

Where’s the state in State U.? State aid to public universities has been falling, now accounting for just 25% of the budget at the University of Wisconsin, 13% at the University of Virginia and a…

Web site big hit for science fairs

The site,, has one purpose: to help students, teachers and parents with science fair projects. It features sections on how to set up an experiment and details the scientific method. There are links to Internet resources, organized by type of science.

DeSmet School teacher Jane Micklus receives $10,000 Grant from Toyota for excellence and innovation in math education

"Each guest will complete a project with students in conjunction with topics being studied in their math class."

Need for financial education is crucial for our children

"A good gauge of the low status of financial education is on display in Wisconsin, where a bill was recently floated that would require students to have a half-credit in personal finance education – along with their math, social studies, English and physical education credits – to graduate."