Developing Funding Opportunities in Montana

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Testimony requested 1/9 for Capital Formation Hearing in Helena.

The Montana State Auditor’s Office is trying to get a bill passed dealing with Capital Formation. The bill would raise the limit from 25 investors to 35 investors. Revise requirements for registration when raising capital…

SmartForest Ventures (Hugh Mackworth and Debi Coleman) seizes opportunities in Portland

The biggest differentiator is our geographic focus on Portland. We have a strong belief in this region’s ability to create great new companies. Our goal is to be one of the reasons our venture friends from the Bay Area or Seattle are eager to invest here: because they have a local co-investor they can count on. (Can we do it here in Montana?-Russ)

Ohio to chip in $100M for tech venture capital

A new state-sponsored $100 million venture capital fund for technology companies could have major implications for Greater Cincinnati. By: Lance Williams Cincinnati Business Courier SB 180, which will create the Ohio Venture Capital Fund and…

New Markets Tax Credit Program Gets U.S. GAO Review

The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) has released a report describing its efforts to evaluate the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program created by Congress in 2000. The NMTC program, which has total equity of…

Tech firm ‘angels’ to get some insurance- A program will be set up with $2 million from Pa. to encourage investment in fledgling companies.

"This is an economic stimulus vehicle to get private investors to write checks again," said RoseAnn B. Rosenthal, chief executive officer of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Only the Most Dedicated ‘Angels’ Survive the Slump

"The people who are doing it now are probably the true believers," Mathias said. "The vacationers and the tourists have gone home." (How can Montana develop the core of "true believer" and seasoned professionals in our state to nurture and fund our startup companies?- Russ)

Venture Clubs bring hope to entrepreneurs

In this time of economic uncertainty we need not concentrate on the negative. The funding world needs to put on the blinders and keep their noses to the grindstone. To do this Venture Clubs across…

Venture Capital: The state of the regional market from 3 who know

"When we start a new company in San Diego or the Bay Area, they have the experience," said Frazier. "In Seattle, we don’t have that critical mass."

The Dual Bottom Line-Is it possible to invest in low-income areas and create jobs–and make money?

SVCV is one of about 60 funds nationwide that practice a kind of "good works" investing. They take equity stakes in companies that are improving a low-income community by offering jobs, often with benefits and training. These investors believe the discipline of trying to make a profit is often the best approach to charity. Like any investor, they look for viable businesses and corresponding financial rewards.

Florida State Employee’s Pension Fund to allocate $300 Million to venture capital

"I live here so I’d love to see more venture capital spent in Florida," said Tate Garrett, senior vice president of Advantage Capital Partners, a 3-year-old venture fund in Tampa. "But on the other hand, the state pension fund is not an economic development agency or tool."