Developing Funding Opportunities in Montana

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Angels help local firms (Pittsburgh) spread their wings

Angels filled a dining room Wednesday night at the Duquesne Club. These angels embodied the same spirit of local entrepreneurialism as the stern-faced men of yesteryear whose oil portraits decorate the room’s walls — men…

Angel investors spread their wings

Angel groups used to be informal clubs, secret societies of elite techies with time and money on their hands. But the clubs are changing. They’re opening offices, putting up Web sites, running small venture funds…

Sowing the seeds-Arizona continues to struggle for its share of venture capital dollars

New Arizona State University President Michael Crow has made R&D one of his top priorities. R&D often begets innovation and business ideas. Technology and business leaders also plan on making another push at the State Capitol for tax credits and reforms that are friendly toward corporate investments.

California’s Matching Grants Yielding Big Results-MIT Launches $15 Million Research Grant Program

# One of every three CalTIP-funded projects results in the launch of a new product within 25 months of project start date."
# "Each new CalTIP-supported product directly creates more than five sustainable jobs with average annual salary of $63,000."
(While we can’t equal the dollars that this program is providing or the dollars that other states use to attract companies, Montana must think about efforts like this to develop sustainable companies in Montana- Russ)

Federal Funding Opportunities

* Department of Commerce * Department of Defense * Department of Energy * National Institutes of Health * National Science Foundation Foundation Funding Opportunities * American Foundation for Suicide Prevention * American Psychiatric Institute for…

Angels scarce, but still hovering – Entrepreneurs form alliances to smooth investor connections

In the scorched world of angel investing, Bill Maulsby is an aberration. Founder of the Chicago-based BusBank charter bus service, Maulsby managed a significant feat this summer: He separated a group of angel investors from…

Technology Tax Credit/VC program comes under question in Hawaii

State officials don’t have a statistical breakout on the $25 million the bill raised last year in its first year, nor do they know how many of the 100- plus companies that have qualified come from the mainland. Anecdotal evidence suggests that much of the investment and many of the technology companies have come from Silicon Valley.

Angel investors spread wings more cautiously– Risk-happy investors revise strategies for funding startups

"The new model is that angel groups have to work together to pool moneys to get financing to levels up to a point where it’s worth investing. … You’re going to see a lot more collaboration," Stephansen of Sand Hill Angels said.

(Are our Angel netwo

Tech Capital Scarce in Montana

"The state is very good at helping big business, he said, but the reality is Montana’s economy is in large part driven by small business. The return measured in jobs and payroll for small business, he said, should be part of the success equation."

Innovation Works builds network of angel investors

In its latest attempt to find more money for local technology firms, the state-funded Innovation Works is putting new emphasis on an old network of wealthy, Pittsburgh-area investors who want to spend their money on…