Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Feld Thoughts – "Subscribing to this blog is like adding a board member to your team without the stock-option grants."

Why You Should Read It: Everybody else does.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Finalists must produce more than just a financially successful business. Their company’s quality, service, adaptation to change and social impact are evaluated by an international panel of judges.

Jane Fonda tells girls at the "Girls For A Change" conference at Montana State University they can change the world

"Girls are the future," she concluded. "Don’t let your power be taken away."

Ringmaster of the venture capital playground – What can be done to encourage entrepreneurship?

What can be done to encourage entrepreneurship?

Good technical education. Good business schools, and get the two to talk to each other. Business plan competitions are great for the community.

MSU opens $3 million state-of-the-art center for business undergrads

It’s highly unusual among U.S. business colleges to have a major donation focused on improving undergraduate education, rather than on a master’s program, said MSU Business Dean Rich Semenik.

Basics of Business – Few succeed in business without first failing — often more than once. Troy McClain of "The Apprentice" speaks about his experiences to high school DECA students

The program was organized by DECA students Sam Dane and Katie Davidson, both seniors at the school and project managers for the Entrepreneurship Promotion Project, and brought in business students from as far away as central Washington. (DECA is an outstanding program for high school students. Does your school have a program?)

Student proves a quick earner, thanks to advice from many CEOs

From Anne Mulcahy of Xerox: "I am still learning. That is an important mark of a good leader … to know you don’t know it all and never will."

A Culture of Entrepreneurship: Essential to Montana’s Economic Vitality

Job creation is a three legged stool: move them in, grow what’s here or create new ones. The creation of new jobs, through entrepreneurship, is probably one of the most exciting and potentially valuable elements in building economic prosperity in Montana and the entire US.

Collegiate Entrepreneurship

By providing large grants over an extended period to selected colleges and universities that have the best plans for bringing entrepreneurship out of their business schools and making it a campuswide experience, many more students will be exposed to an entrepreneurship curriculum.

MSU entrepreneur center develops Montana economy, one student at a time

"It’s very, very unusual for students in entrepreneurship programs to work with scientists," Semenik said. "And here, that’s what they do every day. They work on ideas or products that come from scientists or engineers.