Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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What Makes a City Entrepreneurial?

Places with more educated workforces generally have more startup growth, especially in industries that depend upon college-educated workers. Such industries, moreover, are more likely to locate in higher-amenity regions, particularly those with favorable climates.

Build A Stronger America – Join the Entrepreneurs Movement – The Kauffman Foundation

According to the Build A Stronger America Movement Poll, 19 percent of Build A Stronger America members have seen the profitability of their business increase, whereas only 8 percent of the general entrepreneur population says the same.

The new worldwide startup

The infrastructure needed to start up a tech company is now decentralized.

Five nations boosting their culture of innovation

How places like China, Brazil, and Israel are taking aggressive steps to encourage more start-ups – and what that means for the US.

RISE finds ever more ways for startups to get going, growing

The idea behind RISE — which stands for Relationship and Information Series for Entrepreneurs — is to provide a forum for aspiring, new and veteran entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas in small group sessions.

Connecting the dots for entrepreneurs – EntreDot business mentoring

Focused on rural communities in North Carolina, our objective is to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success by helping them create high impact companies.

What ( insert your city or state name here ) can learn from the Israeli model to boost entrepreneurship

When it comes to promoting entrepreneurship, “the Israeli model” is the one to emulate.

Addressing the Dearth of Female Entrepreneurs

There are too few women running high-tech companies; that’s too bad, considering evidence shows female-led businesses outperform those run by men

Entrepreneurs face challenges of starting a small business

We are a nation of dreamers.

Enterprise builders

An "enterprise builder" sets out from the get-go to change the world and
in the process builds an enterprise that creates wealth and jobs. Much,
much different than Stage I companies that create a job for the owner and a
few others.