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Star Trek tells aliens to visit Bozeman, Montana first if (When!) they come to Earth

Star Trek’s official website had some fun with some video footage credited to Getty Images and the Bozeman Convention & Visitors Bureau to make a welcome video for any aliens looking to find a spot to land.

Bozeman again tops list of strongest micropolitan areas

The ranking is a good sign, city economic development director Brit Fontenot said.

Bozeman city commissioners map out yearly priorities

Commissioner Michael Wallner suggested the city prioritize seeking out grants or other funds in preparation that the 2020 census results will bump Bozeman’s population above 50,000, changing the city’s status for federal funding.

Bozeman City Commission signals support for “cohousing” – new apartment building type

A “cohousing” text amendment will add a new apartment building designation to allow developers to construct buildings with five to eight units of varying sizes in some residential areas in Bozeman.

Bozeman rolls out webpage on affordable housing work

Beyond just affordable housing initiatives, the dashboard links to information from the Gallatin Association of Realtors on median sales prices for homes and a map showing where residential building permits are in the works.

Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan May 2019

As Bozeman grows, Downtown cannot be content with today’s successes; evolution is necessary for long-term resilience. Challenges do exist, particularly around keeping Downtown’s local identity intact, balancing growth sensitively, and welcoming more transportation modes and residents. This plan has been shaped by many people in the Bozeman community who worked hard to create an inspired vision for the next decade.

City of Bozeman proposes program to fund public art

The proposed ordinance, called a municipal percent for art program, would set aside 1% of construction costs from some future city capital projects to be used for public art installations.

Bozeman climate plan hinges on NorthWestern cooperation

Bozeman’s draft climate plan goals are ambitious: a 26% reduction in emissions from a 2008 baseline by 2025, 100% net clean electricity by 2030 and complete carbon neutrality by 2050.

Energy, Tourism and Entrepreneurship Drive Success for Top-Performing Small Cities – Bozeman, Montana, ranked sixth

“Understanding how our country’s small communities were doing before the pandemic is critical for navigating the economic recovery ahead,” said Ross DeVol, president and CEO of Heartland Forward.

Bozeman will again push Legislature for local sales tax

“For us to lean so heavily on property tax … that really puts perhaps an undue burden on people who own property relative to other folks in our community who enjoy the benefit but don’t pay into it,” city manager Jeff Mihelich said during a recent city commission meeting.

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