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Montana Economic Developers Association 2024 Spring Conference – 4/23-25 – Red Lodge

We are excited to the host the MEDA Spring Conference in Red Lodge, Montana from April 23rd – 25th.

Chronic wasting disease: Death of 2 hunters in US raises fear of ‘zombie deer’

The recent report of two hunters who developed neurological diseases after eating infected deer meat has scientists concerned that ‘zombie deer disease’ could pass to humans as mad cow disease did.

The path to a better tuberculosis vaccine runs through Missoula, Montana based Inimmune

Jay Evans, the director of the University of Montana center and the chief scientific and strategy officer and a co-founder of Inimmune, a privately held biotechnology company in Missoula, said his team has been working on a TB vaccine for 15 years. The private-public partnership is developing vaccines and trying to improve existing vaccines, and he said it’s still five years off before the TB vaccine might be distributed widely.

New software helps urban planners digitally test different transport options for carbon reduction

The company is building Digital, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DMRV) software to track urban transport decarbonisation efforts. The platform will measure and certify carbon credits for organisations working to clean up, strengthen, and improve urban public transport options. 

BioScience under the Big Sky Spring 2024 Newsletter

The Montana Bioscience Alliance serves as a hub for Montana’s biotechnology companies, entrepreneurs, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and universities to commercialize, grow and sustain globally competitive bioscience companies — ultimately to create high-quality jobs and economic opportunity in Montana.

Prospera receives $60,000 grant from Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines and Wells Fargo through the Member Impact Fund

Grant program supports affordable housing and community development

Missoula Chamber of Commerce – 2024 State of Missoula: Missoula Now – 4/23 – All Are Invited to Participate

The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce presents the 2024 State of Missoula, an eagerly anticipated event that brings together the foremost influencers and visionaries shaping our community’s destiny. This year, our distinguished panel comprises representatives from key organizations dedicated to Missoula’s prosperity.

Pioneering space agriculture: Montana company uses mushrooms in space farming

Garden City Fungi’s ambitious endeavor aims to harness the power of mycelium, the fungal root system, to create carbon dioxide essential for plant growth in space.

GFDA Top Ten for 4-14-24

19) The road to sustainable growth begins with strategic investments in economic development. We are grateful for our dedicated team of investors and public partners whose support enables us to advance our mission of bringing more high-wage jobs to our region. Learn more about them by viewing this short video.

Building the next Silicon Valley requires the curiosity and talent to already be local, at least at first.

Communities that have successfully done this are Austin, Texas with Robert Metcalfe and other innovators, El Segundo in the defense industry, and Miami in the crypto industry. Internationally, Tel Aviv is another sustainable tech hub that is thriving. These successes should also be studied by policymakers as they could potentially be more replicable.