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Big Sky EDA- Building Businesses and Creating Jobs in the Greater Billings, Montana area

SBA 504 Loans are Worth the Wait! – Big Sky Finance

SBA 504 loans might take time and paperwork but in the end it will be worth the wait.   So why does it to take time and paperwork? 

Bill to fund state development projects killed by Senate Taxation Committee

If adopted, the Statewide Economic Districts Act would have helped offset the costs of major development projects like One Big Sky District.

Business Perspectives Video with Big Sky EDA – Rock 31 / Early Stage Montana – Business Perspectives

Do you have a great idea for a product or service, but aren’t sure how to get started since your only experience with pitching ideas is rewatching Shark Tank in your spare time?

Why use Big Sky Finance for the SBA 504 Loan Program?

With our history of dedication to helping Montana business, let our experienced team guide you thru the SBA 504 loan process.

406 Impact Districts – A Statewide Economic Tool – Please Support LC 1182

The 406 Impact Districts are a locally driven economic growth tool that empowers communities to attract private investment in critical infrastructure and development projects.

SBA 504 Loan Appraisal Requirement Raised!

A new law has been signed that raises the appraisal threshold for SBA 504 loans secured by commercial real estate to match the federal regulator appraisal threshold amount of $500,000.

Bob Dunn, CEO of Landmark Development Services Company, LLC. says Montana in good position for changing economy

“We’re in the middle of a very dynamic shift in our economy,” Dunn said. “It used to be that the employer would locate in a community, in a state, in a city because of the resources that existed in that region or they made a decision to go some place and the employee followed. Overnight, that is going to change. The story tomorrow is simply that the employer will follow the employee.”

Big Sky Finance – November 2018

Most businesses in Montana looking to purchase/construct a building or purchase machinery/equipment for their business probably qualify for a SBA 504 loan.

One Big Sky District – Transforming the Economic Future of Montana

Billings and the state of Montana are primed to benefit from the national landscape of changing economies.