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SF Chronicle: Montana faces bleak labor forecast as aging workers retire

Big Sky Economic Development Authority Executive Director Steve Arveschoug said he considers workforce development to be Montana’s biggest economic development issue and that one of the possible solutions is using technology to boost worker productivity.

Big Sky Economic Development pulls support for local option tax authority

Big Sky Economic Development reversed its support of a local option sales tax authority for the 2017 legislative session after criticism from Yellowstone County commissioners, who control the agency’s budget.

Big Sky Economic Development contributes $50,000 to local health initiatives

"(Health care) is a big deal for us," Arveschoug said. "But it’s faced with challenges in terms of workforce."

Big Sky Economic Development – Employers will have 32,000 job openings in Montana’s Yellowstone County over next decade

Steve Arveschoug, executive director of BSED, Yellowstone County’s economic development agency, urged attendees to think about how Billings compares to other cities within a 500-mile drive. Over the coming decades, Billings will continue to compete with other cities within 500 miles for well trained workers.

The 16 Best Places to Live in 2016 in the U.S. from Outside Magazine – Billings, Montana

For more on what sets Billings apart, watch this video.

Big Sky Economic Development: Local innovator Randy Hafer of High Plains Architects has a vision for a sustainable future

If we can figure out how to build and live lightly and sustainably in this place, we should be able to do it just about any place."

Big Sky Economic Development

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) was able to take a client from being non-bankable to bankable in a few short months. As a result of the work the SBDC did with our client, we transitioned from what may have been a loan turn down into extending a $1.2 million dollar loan to fund their new business venture.

Ty Elkin

Yellowstone Bank
President, Billings Homestead Bank

State Of The Workforce Report, 4/13, Billings, Montana

The keynote speaker will be addressing how to be a great small to mid size workplace and position your business to hire and retain top notch talent in a competitive and employee driven market.

Economic Development: How does Billings compare to its peers? We’re checking the data

Data enables us to understand the economic pulse of our community, and perhaps more importantly, how we compare to others in our region.

‘Billings Flying Service is a great opportunity with international scope’; Steve Arveschoug Big Sky Economic Executive Director

Billings Flying Service is an air service company owning and operating Chinook helicopters.