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In Budget Crises, an Opening for School Reform

In the past year, 46 states grappled with budget deficits of more than $130 billion. This year could be worse as federal recovery dollars dry up. And yet, for education reform, 2011 could be the best of times.

Rethinking Advanced Placement

"We really believe that the New A.P. needs to be anchored in a curriculum that focuses on what students need to be able to do with their knowledge."

Gov.-elect Rick Scott eyes ‘game-changing’ education overhaul

Florida’s governor-elect wants to put the power of education in parents’ hands. But some of his ideas may not be legal, or politically popular.

More Schools Embracing iPad as Learning Tool

A growing number of schools across the nation are embracing the iPad as the latest tool to teach Kafka in multimedia, history through "Jeopardy"-like games and math with step-by-step animation of complex problems.

Touring Schools That Work, Chancellor Says New Approach Is Needed at Those That Don’t

Still, they all had something novel: about the way their teachers taught their classes, the courses they offered, or the way they prepared their students to take the next step.

Are math scores lagging because U.S. parents are clueless?

"Evidence suggests U.S. parents may be overly confident or lacking in the use of accurate metrics around math performance and college preparedness."

Shanghai Schools’ Approach Pushes Students to Top of Tests

Educators say this disciplined approach helps explain the announcement this month that 5,100 15-year-olds in Shanghai outperformed students from about 65 countries on an international standardized test that measured math, science and reading competency.

Many U.S. companies are hiring … overseas – One reason why U.S. unemployment remains as high as it is

"We are not fulfilling the educational needs of our young people," says Sachs. "In a globalized world, there are serious consequences to that."

Old school’s no good for grades

When students attend school in older buildings that need repair their grades suffer, research shows, particularly if those students change schools often.

Teachers turn learning upside down

‘Inverted learning’ allows students to practice what they learn under the guidance of their classroom teacher